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2x nas linked

I would like to install 2 NAS solutions (on in Brighton and one in Portugal) and mirror the data (overnight). With the option to also backup the data to cloud storage.

I am looking and QNAP and Sonology. Which is best?

Use case:
We run training events in Brighton. We livestream from 2 cameras in 1080p HD to our studio in Portugal. These 2 camera feeds are recorded here locally. Late we edit the footage to create online training. We use Sandisk Extreme PRO SSD to store the footage while we edit as it is a fast drive.

I don't intend to edit from the NAS drive because it would be difficult to reach the speed.

The NAS solutions will provide mass storage for us as we are starting to film more.

I can also record in 4k locally (in Brighton) and transfer these files to the NAS - so they will sync with me in Portugal. This will allow me to easily replace the HD footage with 4K footage.

The 2 NAS will also provide a backup having the data in both locations. I may also connect to cloud storage to provide a further backup.

I am not sure on costs yet - I am guessing it may be £1,500 to £3,000 per NAS? depending on my storage needs, as this is the drives and not the NAS box I am still calculating for future expectations.


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