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A secure, internet accessible NAS?
I'm getting a healthy dose of buyer's remorse from my recent purchase of a QNAP TS-230. I bought it for home use because it seemed easy to setup, I wanted to access some data from outside my home (this was an important feature), it was the right price, and a lot of sites recommended it as a good entry level NAS. However, while researching a particular configuration item, I am finding a LOT of comments and explanations about how atrocious the QNAP security is and that the only true way to protect data on this device is simply to not connect it to the internet at all (which defeats said important use case I had).
My questions:
- Is QNAP security, in fact, seriously flawed such that there is no QNAP configurable way to secure it while still making it internet accessible? (Without creating and managing your own IT infrastructure with in your own firewalls, vpns, etc.)<br>
- What other home-NAS solution could anyone recommend I look into to get a truly securable NAS that I would be able to access from outside my home?<br>
- Is there something that I'm not seeing or considering here that would make me *not* pack this thing up and send it back straightaway?<br>
I appreciated any opinions, pointers, or assistance.

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A secure, internet accessible NAS? - by memurphyiii - 01-12-2022, 12:26 AM
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