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4K editing over WiFi - DAS connected to wifi 6 router?


I'm trying to figure out a storage solution that would be easily accessible no matter where I'm located. It makes sense to go for a NAS, but I'm interested if a DAS with a good router could be an option. I'm very interested in having a wireless connection at home that would be capable of editing 4k video straight off of wifi. I'm hoping maybe wifi 6 could work here? I really just started searching for information and there's a lot of factors and limitations that I don't understand yet. That's the reason why I'm writing.

Thinking about if pairing Terramaster D5 with Asus rt-ax89x router could work to achieve this?

Best wishes,
If do manage to have a 802.11ax (5GHz) connection on your laptop or PC then theoretically you could get bandwidth speed up to 4804 Mbps in a laboratory environment. But technically even if you get half of this speed you should be able to edit 4K over the WiFi. But you will need to be few feet away from the router and have no walls.Asus rt-ax89x does feature 10GbE port. If all you have is cat5, cat6 cabling, then you could still benefit from 10GbE even if you don’t get full speed.You can connect an external drive a this switch via USB 5Gbit connection. But I think it would be easier to simply get a NAS and connect it via switch or computer directly.I hope this helps.

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