HI, I would like a recommendation based on my use case. I have files, photos, videos. I want to centralize my info and want to have a reliable nas. I have read and watched the videos, but still, anytime I go to try the QNAP live platform - is slower than synology. probably less responsive and with a bunch of glitches. So, just wondering what is your recommendation ? get synology ? I want a flexible NAS, but also a stable one. been looking at 253+ 453+ and 420+ / 720+ 920+ from synology. I don't want to have stability issues, or glitches with programs. I use Alexa, Mac's and love the flexibility to have everything around me ( meaning files ) Also, use FIRETV, roku, I hope to transfer my home videos to the NAS using PLEX as a server. Also use Apple TV, thanks for your recomendation Current router has 2.5 port ( ax86u) Asus. which I am thinking for using for my NAS. Dilemma = most synology have 1gig port, some If I use this router I will need to use port aggression for the Asus. SO, I am not sure either what's best having a router with 2.5 port or having 8 ports of 1gig and using the port aggregation / or adding a 2.5 switch to my NAS. Having the router with a 2.5 lan gives me the advantage of connecting the internet (xfinity and getting > 1200bps) but, I will be limited on the other lan ports for 1gig Thanks for your recomnedaiton Francisco ** intend to use 2 x 8 TB drives and later expand
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Budget NAS?

Planning to buy a NAS for home. Already added 12TB ironwolf NAS to cart. But yet to buy the NAS where my mind keeps shuffling between Synology D220+ and Asustor as6602t and as6202t. Looking for some deals too. I generally use the NAS for storing media files, 4k files, photos and use it as media server too. I need your advice on what type of NAS i should go with.
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10 gbe nas?

Dear , we have a small media bussines , our budget it $1800 and we have a 1gbe computer and we want a Nas which is good and give us more speed in video editing and fast transfer like 10gbe , so which Nas is good for this and what we need to do and we will connect to two PC or 3 with very high speed for editing, $1800 for Nas , disk , pcie , all thing I am looking forward for your answer
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How to Export Your Google Photos to a Asustor NAS in 2021

Discuss: How to Export Your Google Photos to a Asustor NAS in 2021
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My first NAS?

Hello! Thank you for all your NAS analysis! I am a Mac using freelance designer planing to get into video editing. I currently have 8 or so external drives from 1-5TB each, most of which are plugged into a hub plugged directly into a laptop. They are getting full and I am having to spread projects over more than one drive. I have also introduced a 2nd laptop into my workflow. I have been watching several of your videos and I think I have narrowed down my choice to the Synology DS1621+ but upgraded to the nines with RAM, Lan ports, and drives. I am keen to take advantage of supporting my video editing with a 10gbe port, but I am also a fan of the SHR for growth. RAM: I was planning to buy Synology RAM upgrades to not void the warranty. To confirm I will be getting: 2 D4ECSO-2666-16G Lan Ports: I was looking at the lan port options on Synology and wondered if I should get the 2 port card since I have two laptops. Also, if I’m buying 10gbe now, should I just go on and get the 25gbe now or is that overbuying? Drives: For drives, I don’t think they need to be Synology, except maybe the 2 NVMe SSDs. I am tempted to just go with sinology for all add ons because it’s simpler, but I am curious are there better drives to use?
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DS218play low speed?

Hi! I´ve been watching so many of your informative videos on Youtube. Thank you so much for making them! They were the reason why I decided to go for a NAS instead og a normal ssd drive. But, now Im having trouble video editing 4K material in Davinci Resolve. I have two Seagate 7 TB disk configured in SHR. And they are not nearly full. I use a cat6 cable and a Sonnet Eternet - thunderbolt swith. The iMac is from 2020, with a 10GBE port. Still my reading/writing speed is only 112 MB/s. Is this the best I can hope for? In that case I really regret the whole purchase. Please tell me if there is any chance I can get better speeds than this. My iMac network settings are: IPv4: with DHCP. Configure: manually. Speed: 10Gbase-T. Duplex: full duplex. MTU: Jumbo (9000). If you have any idea how to improve this I would really appreciate it! Best, Olaug :)
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Comparison- Please ?

Im new to this.... thus far I am interested in these two units. In your estimation (if you were a dummy like me) which should I consider : or also which company from your knowledge is the most expredient in support and response. Thank you very much. be and stay safe Bob
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RS 1221+/RP?

Hi there! Love your content, been reading for years! I have a DS 413 that I'd love to replace with something more robust from Synology. I have a home-made Ikea LackRack setup in my home office and I'd love to slot in a 1221+ or RS version, but I have one question. How bad is the noise? I understand these are made for more business/datacenter environments but I'm not in that situation currently. I'm reading disconcerting things about how loud these RS1221's are and I'm concerned. Is it possible to quiet the fans down or swap the fans for Noctua's to quiet these down? Please let me know, I'd love to purchase one of these. Thanks, Charles
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Technical problems with WD RED PLUS and QNAP TS-453D?

Hi! I am writing to you because I have some problems with my NAS hdd drives and NAS server. I bought QNAP TS-453D with 8GB RAM memory and two WD RED hdd WD40EFRX for home environment. Unfortunately I have two problems with this setup. First, NAS server fan is very loud. It's not about fan speed (it's about 800 RPM, so it's minimum speed), but about fan noise. It's generating chirping noises probably from bearing. I don't know if it is technical issue and fan is damaged or it is just its characteristic (like a very cheap fan). Second problem is associated with hard drives. When in the idle, drives are very quiet but in write/read state they are horribly loud. They're making knocking, clicking sounds with fast, continous and regular frequency through all the time of the writing/reading action. This sound appears even when I open QTS system. NAS server is located in my living room (in ventilated cabinet) and its noise is audible in whole flat. I tried to isolate server housing by adding rubber footers and even install hard disk without plastic drive mount, but with no effects. All of this issues you can see on clips below: Fan issue: Hard drives issues: Please remember sounds were recorded with smartphone so in real life they are much louder. I will be very grateful for some help. Best regards, Michał
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Synology DS1621+ vs QNAP TS-673A NAS Drive Comparison

Discuss: Synology DS1621+ vs QNAP TS-673A NAS Drive Comparison
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Synology vs. QNAP 8x WD 16 TB Gold HDD?

Deal NASCompares Team, My name is Tom, from Hungary and I need some help. I would like to buy NAS storage for secondary backup. (Primary is a HP device) I would like to buy a best price/perfonmance NAS device A: Synology DS1821+ with 2 m.2 SSD and B: one QNAP, but i don't know which is the best for us. We would like to backup with rsync from more than 20+ servers. Important: 0: High rsync performance 1: 8 dive bays (We need net 100+ TB, 7x16TB perfect) (More than 8 is good too.) 2: 2 x M.2 SSD write cache is good, because we have got tons of very small files (html, letters etc) 3: 1G bandwith enough now (the limit for small files is not the bandwidth). BUT: We can use 10G SFP+ link to our Supermicro Microblade Enclosure when we need fast recovery after a disaster. (Not first prioity, but more value resistant i think) What do you think: which is the best NAS for us? Regards, Tamas Laszlok CEO NetMasters
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 22 March 2021, 22:50
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DAS 4 to 6 bay recommendation?

Hi there! I am looking for a recommendation for a DAS, 4, 5 or 6 bay. I plan to load it up with 12TB Ironwolf drives and connect it to my Window 10 laptop "server", probably in RAID 5. I will use it for Plex and for backups. I will connect it using USB C 3.1. Of course reliability is the most important concern. I think, based on some of your reviews, I would like hardware RAID. I assume that helps with reliability. I won't want to have to worry if I rebuild my OS. I am not really interested in a NAS. I want more control over the OS that my disk is connected to. If it was a 6 bay, I might do two 3-disk RAID 5 volumes because that would allow me to move data between the drives should I want or need to rebuild a volume. I have been looking at Yotamaster FS5C3 but I am a bit scared that it does not look to be mainstream. I am looking for advice, and any help will be appreciated!!
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You should look into LACP again: It will NOT add the 2 gigabits into 1 adapter, but into 2 streams. when you move a file, LACP will still only use 1 adapter. (as will load balancing)
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Directory Structure?

Hello, I really enjoy your website. Thanks for providing all this good information. Question: I just purchased a DS720+ NAS to use for media files and computer backups. Can you point me to information on the web on how to organize and properly name files for media. Primarily BT downloads. The primary reason for getting the NAS to to reorganize and clean-up all my media. In the past I've just dumped files on a USB drive over the years and the files are really a mess. I hope I explained this clearly. Thank You, Gary
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 21 March 2021, 20:20
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NAS Purchase and Sync over Internet Question?

Greetings, I recently (last night) found your YouTube channel and watched some of your videos. I have used the Synology software at work to recover employees files, but not much beyond that. I currently back up to USB drives connected to my desktop, but I am interested in purchasing several NAS's to backup to instead. My thought is to maybe connect one at my mom's house and maybe a friend's house to have multiple backups are different locations. Do I have earth shattering data to backup? No. But, I have years of files and tax documents and photos, and probably a ton of garbage, and I want to do this to accomplish "doing the right thing" with my data, possibly sharing the option to use my drives for my college-age children with their own login, if not set them up with their own at some point, etc. I am interested in using either the NAS or something like Home Assistant in the future for surveillance, but I currently have no cameras set up. I did recently purchase a doorbell with a camera that does not require a subscription, but have not set it up yet. So, I watched your video on using RSYNC between Synology and TerrraMaster. But, this was done over your network. Is it just as easy to sync over the internet, like to my mom's house? Will I have to get into her service provided modem/router to route ports to sync to a station at her house? Will I have to install a router behind her modem/router to accomplish this? Or, will it just work? I saw this 4-bay TerraMaster on sale at Newegg for $150, and I thought could I should use it for the remote locations: I thought I would start with 2 drives in RAID 1, with the option to upgrade should I require more space in the future. I did read about the 2-bay Synology for a similar price, and I am just not sure which way I am better off going. The remote units would be strictly for backup, at this point, but at my house, I would like to eventually play with some of the other utilities, including containers, Next Cloud, arcade (MAME), torrent, VPN, WireGuard, VMs, surveillance etc. I am not big on paying for services, but I would consider Plex if the other options end up being a PIA, like trying to keep up with all the changes with the free Kodi movie sites. We mostly use Netflix currently. I am fairly certain there is a fee with Synology's surveillance software beyond a few cameras. I would rather not pay if I did not have to, unless it is totally worth it. Currently, I am happy watching movies at 720p. I actually prefer not to have the highest quality because it is too clear to me. I do not need to see actors' pores. Yet, animated movies are great in high def. Anyway.... So, there's a lot to choose from Auster, Synology, QNAP, TerraMaster.... I should mention that I enjoy using Linux and am curious about BTRFS and snapshots, although I do not currently have a complete understanding of them. I did consider making a TrueNAS box to learn ZFS, but, it seems more complicated than what I am looking for. I have been putting this off for years because I did not want to regret my purchase decision. Thank you in advance, Rob
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Nas for Virtual machines and file server?

Hi Team, I am looking for a rack mount nas device for a small business with two virtual machines and a file server. Thanks Shahal
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Most Powerful Nas to Run websites?

I would like to know what is the most powerful nas to buy not to run 100's of websites at the same time. I want to turn it into a webs server. I would like to know what model is up for the task. Size and price is no concern for me.
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Looking for an easy to setup NAS solution?

Tired setting up an NAS 10 years ago with QNAP TS-209. Still have it, basically new with minimal use. Could never get it to work and boxed it up out of frustration. Was definitely not just plug and play. 10 years later, new Windows 10 based network, with typical hope peripherals including a PS3. I want to be able to share files with others in the house, serve media to my home entertainment center, and log in remotely to access files when away. Most of all I want it to be painless to set up and reliable.
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PS5 WiFi 6 Speed Tests - Better that LAN or WiFi 5?

Discuss: PS5 WiFi 6 Speed Tests - Better that LAN or WiFi 5?
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I have a QNAP TVS-673e with an attached QNAP TR-004 USB 3.1. I need to add an additional expansion device and am currently looking at a QNAP TS-D1600S. On Qnap’s compatibility list it states my nas can only support (2) TR-004, (1) TS-DxxxxS and so on. My question is can I attach both my current TR-004 and a TS-D1600s to the TVS-673e at the same time or are my only options to add a second TR-004 or removing the TR-004 in order to add the TS-D1600s? I’ve done a pretty extensive search but haven’t been able to find out if a USB-C and a Sata device play nice on the same NAS device. Thanks for any info.
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