Synology NAS - How to Create and Deploy a Windows 10 Virtual Machine

How to Setup a Virtual Machine on your Synology NAS Drive Regardless of wherever you are in the world right now, the virtues of conducting your business operations remotely, as well as ensuring the s
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Best sesh router for house?

I am trying to upgrade my wifi network. Right now I am supposed to be getting 100/mbps. I have spectrum as my carrier. Router and modem setup in basement/ I have basement/main floor/ and an upstairs with BRs. I have 4 iphones/couple tablets/2 TVs, one lap top, 2 chromebooks. Network seems slow at times Sometimes disconnects. Not crawling but slow. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower Best buy has the Linksys Velop Triband mesh router for $399, white on sale at $329. Prefer staying closer to $300. Saw the other options on this website but not knowledgable enough yet to decide which way to go. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Ram for Qnap Ts-251B upgrade?

Hi , I would like to upgrade my Qnap TS-251B ram capacity to 8GB, however, the Qnap stuff is ridiculously expensive and bought some Kingston ram before but for some reason didn't work. I was hoping you could provide your POV on the follow ram and if you think it would be compatible with my QNAP? QNap provides very little details, from my research it looks like as long as it's 1.35v and 1600 / 128000 it should work? thanks in advance
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Seagate 510 NVMe SSD for NAS Revealed

Seagate Ironwolf 510 NVMe SSD for NAS - Game Changer or Gimmick? Early last year, when I first heard that Seagate was a developing a range of solid-state drives (SSD) to be used in NAS servers, I hav
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Synology SSDs for NAS Revealed - SNV-3400-400G, SAT480G, SAT960G and SAT1920G

Synology Branded SSDs in SATA and NVMe Coming in 2020 Good news for all NAS users that like to keep their hardware as uniform as possible, with the newly leaked information that Synology plan on rele
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Small/Slim NAS solution?

Hi there! First, thank you very much for your great site and youtube content, awesome work! I've been a Synology user for several years now, I'm the owner of a Synology DS412+ filled with 8TB but I'm only using ~4 TB. It's doing a great job, not a single problem with it, what I'm looking for now is a smaller and quieter solution. My apartment is quite small and I can't leave it working 24/7 due to HDD noise. An easy solution would be just migration my actual HDDs to SSDs but I also want to have a smaller size (if possible). I've seen the Synology DS419slim and DS620slim. The 419 looks too resource-limited for me and I want to buy a long-lasting solution. On the other side, the 620 is a bit too pricy. My question is, do you have any recommendation in mind similar to those Synology slim solutions (when it comes to size)? Thanks! Sergi
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First NAS?

Hi, I am looking to get my first NAS for home data(multiple laptops, windows, mac), media server & surveillance. I am close to pulling the trigger on Synology 218+ what are your thoughts & do you this can work for my needs for next 4 to 5 years? Thanks,
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surveillance station and reolink argus eco

I cannot get the Synology NAS DS918+ to connect to any of my Reolink Argus Eco Rechargeable Battery-Powered WiFi Cameras. My cameras are connected to my router and are working fine through the Reolink app, but I cannot get them connected to my NAS. I have run the surveillance station and have tried to let it search for it through the (ONVIF) and nothing is pulling up at all! I have even entered the ip address manually but it will not connect, please help me and let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you so much!
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Archer MR600

Hey Nas, I have awful broadband speeds in my rural area but decent 2/3 bars of 4g. I have just seen your review but would you recommend the Archer MR600 or the Huawei B525-4G 300Mbps, CAT 6? Both similar prices. It will mainly be used for online gaming and HD streaming. Also, could a power line set up be used for greater distances? Many Thanks James
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Synology NAS expanding?

Hi I read that Synology advice the use of expansions units as stand alone storage pool for best performance. I cant find any information what kind of lost in speed you get, moving from an standalone DS1819+ with 8 drive to connecting an DX513 and expanding to 13 drives. Is this something you have testes? I have tried Google searches but haven't fount any information. Mikkel
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Which NAS should I buy?

Hi I am REALLY struggling with this decision. I just dumped my Drobo never worked great with Mac and am really liking Synology however I am DS918+ looks great BUT HW are 2017! Should I wait for next release here in 2020 or just jump in? Thanks, Karl
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Setup Dell SC430?

I have and old Dell SC430 (Pentium D 2.8 GHz 3 GB Ram) and would like to use as file server. is it sufficient to run Xpenology/Synology ?
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I have studied for years QNAP NAS, ever time I get ready to purchase I find something new. I was getting ready to purchase the ts 451+ , then l saw your review of the QNAP TBS-453D. I really like the size and portability. I have read, watched all reviews I could find on the QNAP TBS-453D. My question are: 1. What is the release schedule for this device? 2. What drives would you recommend? 3. Have you verified that 16 g of ram works? My use case is home use, multimedia, photos, and music. Family is working on genealogy, Family photo library, creating digital images via scanner of all old photos. Look forward to your response, will purchase in the next 30 days unless new release expected soon.
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Plex Media Server?

Hello I watch your videos on youtube, they are really good. I am after some advice and guidance. I dont mind paying a consultation fee for it as I dont know if your products would be what I will be purchasing. I am starting a Plex Media Server and initially plan to setup a 150TB server, with plans to expand in the future as my 4K media collection grows. I would have really liked a setup like the Storinator Q30 from 45 Drives (based in Canada) - something simple, looks aesthetically good and most importantly really quite but I cant seem to find something similar here in the UK. I have an old iMac 2009 (3.4GHz Core i7, 16GB RAM with upgraded SDD memory) it amazingly still performs really well so I have little appetite to replace it ! Having said that, I have also been thinking, instead of the dedicated server such as the Q30, why not replace my old (but still well-functiong iMac) & build a PC/Plex Media Server combo in a Thermalake Core WP200 (the case has a capacity to host up to 60 HDD's so plenty of future expansion). The server will be for me, my family & a small group of friends so it will have to be able to handle multiple streams/transcoding (including 4K) & have 10Gbit network connectivity (for future home network project). For the HDD's I will need some help, I have started buying WD portable 14TB drives and the plan is to 'shuck' them and use them to save some money on storage. Most of them are in fact WD Red HDD's from what the research I have done. Sorry this is a long email, as you can see I am very confused about the direction I want to head with this as there is so much information out there with endless possibilities. I would really appreciate your advice going forward with my project. Thank you
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DS411slim RAM upgrade?

I Have Ds411 slim, I looking extra ram for this device waldek
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4-bay low cost NAS comparison?

Hello. First of all I want to tell that I appreciate your work here, I won't have found similar quality content in brazillian websites. I am searching for a NAS and I found a WD My Cloud EX4100 for $ 400 equivalent price here. I also have found both Asustor AS3204T and AS3104T for the same price each one. The question is: The EX4100 is used and the seller gives 6 month warranty but the device appears to be better than Asustor ones, even they're brand new ones. Ignoring price and warranty time, I would like your oppinion about these NAS models, which one would you recommend in performance and reliability? Here in Brazil prices for NAS are too high and those ones are good opportunities for my budget. Thank you in advance.
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NAS drive - needs to be accessible for use for working from home for any/all of the staff (especially during the Co?

We are looking at setting up a NAS for use in the parish council office where the 4 staff are currently using a share of one of the desktop machines. I think 4TB should be ample for current needs, although I need to discuss with the Clerk what future needs might be. The NAS also needs to be accessible for use for working from home for any/all of the staff (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic). The NAS doesn't need to be a media streamer as this is purely work - primarily documents of varying types and some photos - not pleasure. I'm currently looking at the WD PRO4100 as an option - is this sensible or is there something else that would suit needs better? There is some flexibility in the budget as it was set prior to the requirement for homeworking being added. Thank you for taking a look at this for me. Hopefully it is fairly easy for you to answer.
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What HDD for thunderbolt 3 NAS / Storage ?

I am looking at Thunderbolt 3 NAS or external drives - what storage would you suggest for high(ish) speed single user but good value performance - at what point am I better off getting a thunderbolt storage (with SsD?) vs thunderbolt 3 NAS - I am confused as most of the consumer HDD seem to be 7200 so don't see how this can be fast
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Can I transcode a 1080p ProRes LT .mov file to 1080p (h264) .mp4 with Qnap?

I've chosen the QNAP TVS-872XT for a variety of reasons but I have couple of questions I can't find an answer to... Maybe you can help? 1. Video Transcoding: Can I transcode a 1080p ProRes LT .mov file to 1080p (h264) .mp4 with that NAS? And will I be able to automate the process from a portable HDD in the front "USB copy" port? (the reason I'm unsure is because I read you can only transcode down resolution ie from 4K to 1080 but I'm uncertain about 1080 to 1080)
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NAS storage on two networks, synced?

Aloha, I'm a professional photographer and work out of a home office as well as a gallery elsewhere. I am wondering if there is an easy to use solution that would allow me to keep a desktop NAS or similar in both locations on two different networks that would sync with one another automatically? I'd like to be able to work directly on the devices if possible, using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom etc with sometimes quite large image files (2gb and beyond). Something large enough to back up everything would be nice, as well as expandable down the road. I expect I'll need battery backups on them along with the modem, router, etc. Currently using a 2015 5k imac at the gallery, a 2019 imac pro at home and a late 2015 macbook pro on the road. I essentially need to be able to work from a drive on various networks and have them back up automatically to a different location for redundancy. I'd prefer to keep the cloud out of it to keep monthly recurring costs down (I'm currently storing perhaps 16tb or images and shoot about 100-500gb a month) I do also work from the road sometimes, is it feasible to upload to these drives from the macbook pro remotely for backup? The ability to work from the drives remotely would also be great, but I'm not sure if that's practical. I'm currently using OWC enclosures hooked up directly to my office computer in a RAID 1 configuration, storing 2nd drives as they fill up in an alternate location. Worked pretty well for me with one computer, but suddenly it's very clunky and I'm constantly carrying a portable external drive around and still finding myself without an excel file I need or without the newest version of an image that I need to finish editing, etc. Any suggestions you can offer would be very much appreciated! I've skimmed Drobo and Synology but it's overwhelming, not my forte. Lyle
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