Naz for Single Davinci Resolve system ?

Looking for the best value for NAZ for my Davinci Resolve system. It will only ever be a single system with no requirement for multiple system connections. I'd like to be able to hot-swap drives. I'd like to be able to get 4 to 8 drives in the unit. I'd prefer a rack mount unit, but it's not a requirement. I want to connect via 10gbe from a PC or a MAC. It would be nice if I could raid some drives and others could be hot-swappable.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 04 April 2020, 17:45
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Upgrade from TS212P?

Hi. I'm after a little advice re: my next NAS please. I currently have a QNAP TS212P with 2x 3TB WD Red drives. It's been running about 4years and work fine for what I've wanted it to. We use the photo auto-back up from 2x Samsungs phones, general home storage(docs/scans/finances etc) and multimedia storage for Sonos, iTunes and, most importantly, Plex. I cuurently run a server on a PC but would be interested in moving this off to the NAS, progressing to 4k/UHD films across the network. I'm deeply out of space so looking at 24tb in raid5 config(18tb workable). I already have 2x 6TB WD Black drives from a previous project I could use but am open to new WD Red if necessary. The NAS is situated in a home office and in a wired network. Network Map: Virgin Fibre modem->ASUS Wifi router(AC88U)->Netgear Switch(GS308)->NAS). All the content has been backed up to an external drive ready to move to a new system so I'm not tied to QNAP although I do know and like the brand. I would like to start experimenting with VMs and doing more with a NAS, and am interested in having a NAS for the future, not just "for now". All the NAS units I've looked at so far are 1 0r 2+ years old. Can't see me investing in 10GbE just yet, not sure if i need USB-C connectivity, there'll always be a PC wired to the network. This might be more info than you need but I'd appreciate your opinion. Thanks, Richard.
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Intel Xeon or Core i3,i5,i7 in your Next NAS

Discuss: Intel Xeon or Core i3,i5,i7 in your Next NAS
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TVS 672N CPU Upgrade?

Hello. I watch a lot of your videos and I think you do a very good job at explaining things. I have a TVS 672N and I would like to upgrade the CPU. I would like to put the best CPU in thats supported. I am looking at the i7-8700T, i7-9700T and i9-9900T. Can you let me know what's the best cpu i can get that's supported by just dropping the cpu in and applying paste. Thank you very much for your help.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 03 April 2020, 21:45
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Netgear vs. Synology NAS?

Greetings, and thank you for producing such informative content. I'd appreciate your advice on whether I should purchase a Netgear RR4312X2 or a Synology RS1619xs+ for a high-end residential application. The residence will have a rack. The main use will be as Time Machine backup for up to 5 computers running Mac OS X. I would like a set-it-and-forget it backup solution. A secondary use, much less important, will be as a music/video server. There are two scenarios of interest, based upon the brand of ethernet switch: • Scenario A: Netgear M4300-52G-PoE+. • Scenario B: Ubiquiti USW-Pro-48-POE Gen 2. In each of these scenarios, which NAS is preferred—Netgear or Synology? Thanks so much.
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Nimbustor 4 Plex media player?

Hi, it took me a while to choose which NAS to go for, but I finally went with the Nimbustor 4 and I populated it with 4 x 4gb WD Gold drives and I upgraded the Nas RAM to 16gb of DDR 4. I have the Nas connected to my TV via hdmi and have a library of content using Plex server... After a few days I noticed that some files wouldnt play, with a message being displayed saying something along the lines of, server not powerful enough.. it took me a while to realise that although the NAS is connected via hmdi, Plex was not being utilised via hdmi (asustor portal) and that I needed the Plex media player installed in Portal to stream directly.... However, I cannot find this and although I've found a version 1 Plex media player APK, it doesn't show support for the Nimbustor 4 and won't install... This is pretty annoying, as this setup cost over £1k and it cant transcode high quality to my TV or provide the software to direct stream via HDMI. Can you advise or do you have any ideas for a remedy, Emby maybe¿
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 03 April 2020, 11:00
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Running Xpenology?

Hello! I was wondering If the Xpenology could work on a Banana Pi W2 board, that's based on the same Realtek RTD1296 that Synology uses on a series of entry level products.
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2.5GBE and 5Gbe NAS Explained

Discuss: 2.5GBE and 5Gbe NAS Explained
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Choice between DS218+ and DS418+?

Upgrading from a DS213se, 2 x 4 TB, 1.6 TB movies and 250 GB photos. Backingup to USB attached 4TB HDD. Based at home. Want to upgrade for improved speed and capcity to use as Time Machine backup destionation for 2 macOS laptops and a MacMini. Will also host files for two users, about 50 GB each. old DS214se will become backup to new NAS. Will plan on max synology RAM to protect warranty and new NAS drives. I expect that the process for migrating data to a 2 drive unit is different from a 4 drive unit. Need guidance on that process after purchase decision is made. Could do DS218+ with 2 x 8 TB drives or DS418+ with 4 x 4TB drives. Suggestions and comments? Am I missing an important issue obvious to a more expereinced user?
WB Wbmcilvaine asked on 02 April 2020, 23:56
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ESXi compatibility?

Hello, Regarding the following article (, are any of these cards compatible with ESXi? except the synology one I guess. As you understand, I want to hook one Synology and one or more ESXi servers on a 10GBe network. ESXi which I use usually 6.5 or 6.7 and I use only stock images (Dell, HP, Cisco etc). Searching on the VMware forums, didn't bring me any luck. I am looking forward to buy some NICs. Please do keep up the good job. Thank you so much.
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NAS Recommendation?

Hi, Hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I’m a part time photographer and also getting into video. I’m using a Seagate 5tb hard drive and getting to the point of filing it up-mostly all photos with some video although I do hope to start doing more video. I have had Dobos and have a 5N but now that I haven’t hooked back up simply because I made the mistake of using part of it as back up for Time Machine and now I’m using a windows machine. I’m looking at the Synology since I have a friend who swears by them and tells me to get rid of the Drobo. I’ve just had time to go through all my pictures and organize them properly with all this time at home lately and want to move forward with a solid platform. It would be nice to be able to have multiple computers access as well as possibly stream videos to a tv at some point. Cheers! Robert
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FREE Synology VPN Licences! How to Access a Synology Site-to-Site VPN

What is Synology VPN Plus and Why are Free Licenses a Good Thing? In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have adopted work from home policies. Synology's wireless routers featu
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Hi, I'm a big fan of your site and there's so much great information. I'm looking for some help, I tried buying the QNAP 251D, but they're sold out everywhere with backorders going all the way to August and any other sellers are just purely price gouging. I'm not a hardcore NAS user, just want to upgrade and have more features to not rely on Cloud services anymore, upgradability in ram and network cards, and based on your videos, seems that QNAP is the way to go. I like how you And I've watched some of your videos comparing 251D vs TS-253BE and was hoping you can shed some light if you can't find the 251D, what would be your second best alternative? comparable in 2 bay. Thank you in advance!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 02 April 2020, 19:25
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QNAP TS231P2 :How to clean up / format working old disks from RAID1 after replacing both? Ex by going 2x2TB->2x6TB?

Hello! I am new to NAS, so apologies. Let's say, I'd like to extend my current RAID1 in my Qnap NAS by replacing smaller disks with larger ones. 2x2TB - 2x4TB or 2x6TB. I checked qnap manual and understand the procedure "replace disk one by one" but it does not say in what state the old disk will be? I understand the data will remain there? What if I would like to resell them to a friend? I also have a desktop PC, do I need, after replacement insert them one by one to my PC and format/clean up them? Will any software be able to read them? Is it possible perhaps to do this procedure while they are still on my NAS? I mean, clean disk one, replace, wait for raid rebuild, clean disk 2, replace, wait for raid rebuild? Thank You and stay in good health during those awful times!
MA Maciek asked on 02 April 2020, 12:44
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NAS Drive Expansion?

I have some questions relating to drive expansion on SHR/BTrFS, QTS/Ext4 and QTS-hero/ZFS. On each of these combinations, ... (1) Can you begin with 1 drive without being locked into JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1 or RAID 5? (2) Can you begin with RAID 1, and later, easily change/expand to RAID 5? (3) Can four drives set up as two RAID 1 pairs be easily expanded to a 4-drive RAID 5? (4) I know that SHR/BTrFS allows expansion with larger drives without loosing their capacity. Can either of the others do this? (5) In each of the combinations, if an additional drive is added to a RAID 5, can the data be evenly distributed over the whole RAID? ...easily? Thank you in advance for the assistance.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 02 April 2020, 03:40
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Understanding Routers, Switches, the Internet and Network Hardware

Discuss: Understanding Routers, Switches, the Internet and Network Hardware
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QNA-UC5G1T works to upgrade a AS5304T?

Hello, could you please tell me if QNA-UC5G1T can upgrade a AS5304T nas to 5gb lan?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 01 April 2020, 19:35
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NAS server?

Hello! I hope everything's going well in your neck of the woods. I'm trying to figure out a solution for a local network-accessible server to store our video files on and edit from. We generate around 100GB of source footage per week, and need to store it locally and edit off of the server. This isn't super-high bitrate (around 10Mbit) but I'd like 2 editors to be able to work off the server at the same time. We need some fail protection, but this data will be backed up offsite once a week. We have a local 10Gbit network wiring in place, but haven't yet purchased a 10Gbit switch + 10Gbit pci cards for the machines. They're currently running 2.5Gbit. We have a 25U rack that has around 20U of capacity. I was torn between a synology solution (something like the rs3618xs) and rolling our own. For our own here's the parts list I figured out: - Arista 7050T-64 (48 port 10Gbit switch w/ some 40Gbps connections available) - Gen 8 server to run unraid / freenas (don't know what components to use, guessed a dual 8core and 128GB ram and host bus adapter that can pump 40Gbps) - Netapp DS4246 24 bay HDD encolsure w/ psu and network But I'm not an IT guy, and I'm not sure what to throw in the server, how to set it up, etc. For the synology we'd do the rs3618 (I think) and add the 10Gbit pci card, but I'm not sure if we can install the nvme caching layer to keep everything speedy. Unsure what drives to put in, but we were looking at WD red pro 12TB. Additionally, if we did the build-our-own approach I don't think we want to buy 24 drives at once, so I was hoping we could buy 4 or 6 at a time and slowly add clusters to the entire system. With a 12-bay system we'd just buy all the drives at once. Thanks for providing this service!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 01 April 2020, 19:20
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Looking to upgrade our storage over 10GBe?

I run a small 3D animation studio, currently everyone is working remotely which is hard as it relies so much on my staffs own internet connection. I need some advice on storage as we're running a Qnap TVS-871T on raid 5 over 10GBe. its been great and have changed only a few drives in warranty, but we now only have 4TB left of the 20TB. So looking at upgrading and maybe to a rackmount version. Had a silly quote from Promax for and SSD build that was £16k and don't think its worth it. Also looked at the Qnap TS-832XU-4G which has potential. We only read/write and use it as storage, we don't render or use any other aspects of the NAS. Would love to know a good way to backup to the cloud or at least offsite to my house for that extra security. Thanks again for your help its really appreciated.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 01 April 2020, 18:00
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Synology 1019+ 16 GB RAM?

I recently bought a 1019+ based partially on your reviews, and so far so good. I saw your post saying I could bump it to 16 GB RAM (, but I didn't see a link to buy compatible RAM. I just added a Win 10 VM and it's crazy slow and laggy, so I figured my best bet would be to add RAM. I already have a 512 GB M.2 SSD installed as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 01 April 2020, 16:45
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