QNAP TS-932PX NAS Hardware Review

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NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 09 September 2020, 21:42
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Is 16GB Ram upgrade on DS918+ still OK after DSM 6.2.3 update?

Have read a few posts on the web saying that after DSM 6.2.3 update 16GB Ram upgrade on Synology DSx18+ doesn't work flawlessly (or at all) anymore. Could you confirm?
LR Lricc335 asked on 09 September 2020, 20:36
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Home NAS?

Hi, I would like to ask for advice to buy a NAS for my Smart Home Current configuration: > Intel Nuc8I3 - Home assistant (VM) + Movies streaming (VM) > Desktop Ryzen 7 I believe I will never go above 1Gbe LAN as mostly I need the NAS for HomeAssistant database + my hobbyist photography Best Regards Krzysztof
KR Krzysieks asked on 09 September 2020, 12:52
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DSM 7 Beta?

DSM 7 Beta has been released
CV Cvsmg asked on 08 September 2020, 11:08
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Synology DS1520+ NAS Hardware Review

Synology DS1520+ NAS Review - Does It Deserve Your Data? Of all the brands that you can choose in network-attached storage, few have managed to crack both the home and business market with the same d
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 07 September 2020, 21:05
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QNAP HBS versioning/snapshots only to external backup?

I have a Backup job set on a daily schedule in HBS 3 from a QNAP to an attached external USB Drive. When I did a test Restore job I only see a single backup version available from the most recent backup of the day before. How do I save these daily scheduled backups as versioned backups more akin to Time Machine? I've watched some of your (very helpful) videos about snapshots but as far as I understand it, the snapshot lives on the main source QNAP. I was hoping to get the versioning only on the external USB backup. Are you forced to turn on snapshots on the main QNAP first and then the HBS scheduled backup job would also grab the snapshot data each day? Essentially I’m asking what’s the best way to replicate w/ HBS (or a different QNAP app) how Time Machine can backup daily versions to an external drive only. Thanks!
JA Jas asked on 07 September 2020, 20:58
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Migrate Time machine Backup to Nas?

How do I Migrate My TimeMachine Backup from a locally attached drive to a Newly Acquired synology Nas.
RT Rtjazz asked on 04 September 2020, 23:37
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NAS Buying Beginner?

Hi, I am trying to buy a NAS. I'm beginner to this. After watching a few of your YouTube videos, I have a few questions. Usage: 1. 2 Desktop/Laptop + 4 Mobiles + TV [1080p-not planning to upgrade to 4k any time soon] 2. Mostly for Picture, videos backups + Movie Storage 3. Watching movies/Videos on above devices Questions: 1. Do I need transcoding? [My files are mostly in 720p or 1080p] 2. Is it better to have 2+5 Bay [DS720+ with DX517] or 4 Bay [DS920+] performance wise? I am planning to use 8TB HDDs with BTFS & SHR. 3. If I add DX517 later, do I have to increase the RAM of DS720+? Thanks in advance
LU Lucifer asked on 04 September 2020, 22:09
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UPS for Synology NAS?

I would like to purchase a UPS for my DS220+. Any recommendations out there?
AV Avon1330 asked on 04 September 2020, 14:42
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How can I change my email for NAS Compares?

Hello, Anybody know how to change my email address for this site? Regards, Klaasdj
KL Klaasdj asked on 04 September 2020, 08:56
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Best transcoding NAS for video editing?

Hi all, I need some advice on a NAS solution for our small video studio. I'm hoping to find a NAS that will automatically transcode 4k xavc-s files down to 1080p H264 files for editing as proxy files in Premiere. I'd like to create a simple workflow so a team member can remove SD cards from a camera. Plug them into a reader, change their filename (our sony A7Sii cameras do not have a very user-friendly naming system) and then copy the files to the NAS. Probably using an iMac as the workstation. I would like the NAS to then transcode the files to 1080p, and copy both the 4k files and the 1080p files to an external drive so the videographer can take the external drive back to their studio to edit with + keep a copy of all files on the NAS. We will have about 4TB of 4k footage for this project. But will need to hold more in the future. Redundant RAID in case of a failed drive is a must, incremental backup in case someone deletes the wrong file would be nice too.
MI Milkwood_nick asked on 04 September 2020, 02:16
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Take a disk out of existing storage pool and create a new one?

I just added a second 8TB disk to the existing 4TB disk on a DS918+. Haven't saved anything or made any changes to the info. I realised because it's on SHR, I won't be able to use half of the new drive. I want to keep them separated by now, I tried to create a new storage pool but the create button is disabled. How can I take the new disk out of the existing storage pool?
DB Dbrplus asked on 03 September 2020, 00:03
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Using Mac Time machine with Offsite Synology?

Need to have back up option for daughter who is going to university for Mac laptop. Can do initial backup locally, but when at university back ups would be over the internet.
NI Nick asked on 02 September 2020, 21:26
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Synology DS1520+ vs DS1019+ NAS Comparison

Synology DS1520+ vs DS1019+ NAS - Which Should You Buy? When it comes to buying a robust desktop NAS solution for a professional consumer or small business, Synology has always ranked pretty high in
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 01 September 2020, 06:05
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4k high bitrate movies straight from NAS to TV?

Hi all; looking at synology latest gen products and watching this channel's vids I see plex is probably not the right solution to stream high bitrate 4k movies assuming the plex server is on the NAS of course (specifiaclly reffering to the 220+/720+ vids about 4k) I am still looking for a way to at least play high bitrate movies (usually around 60Mb/sec - this is what UHD BD avg usually has). so if not plex, and I dont want a streamer of any other extra device, and just want my TV to play a file from the NAS - what options do I have? will DLNA do the trick? I dont care about the movies UI of plex or any type of transcoding. I just want to be able to play my 4K content straight from the NAS to my TV without hickups. can you reccomend a way of doing so? thanks! BTW my TV is an OLED LG C9
GK Gkatz asked on 31 August 2020, 06:46
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Audio editing with NAS?

I'm just curious Rob's youtube video on audio editing with a NAS. (Choosing the Right NAS CPU for Audio Editing - Buyers Guide ). I am a musician and producer with similar needs to his friend Ben from the video, and I'm wondering what audio editing software exists for NAS systems? I am familiar with all the usual DAWs for editing audio on a PC (Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, etc. etc) but have never heard of an audio editor for NAS. Could someone please clarify? I'm wondering this because I'm curious about using a NAS in my recording studio to allow for simultaneous multi-client song editing, the way Google docs allows multiple clients to edit the same word document or spreadsheet simultaneously. I realize this may entail having to program my own applications for the NAS and for the client devices. Hopefully someone can set me down the right path. Thanks!
JA Jamescanada asked on 30 August 2020, 20:36
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Advice on new QNAP NAS purchase?

Upgrading home network and looking for advice/comments on my ideas. Need to replace 2 TS-453Bminis (4 bay) with ones that with faster network connectivity. One mini is Plex server, one mini is backup and mapped drives for home network. Both 4 bay with HGST 6 TBs drives in all bays. Must be able to migrate by using old drives. (see https://www.qnap.com/en/nas-migration/) Think a 4 bay TS-453D can replace the Plex mini and has faster LAN, but am wondering if a 4 bay TS-473 might be better for backup and mapped drives because it has faster CPU, handles more memory and can take add in cards to get the higher LAN speed. Budget for both is $1500 US so some room for more bays or different models. I'm OK with getting base memory and adding in later. The final setup would use the 5 port QSW-1105-5T 2.5GBe switch with the 2 new NAS and my 2 home PCs using high speed LAN cards connected to it. Advice? Comments? Flaws I've not considered or such? All feedback appreciated.
JM Jmcging asked on 30 August 2020, 15:06
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Using Synology Active Backup for Business how to prevent pc going to sleep mode?

I'm using Active Backup for Business but the PC will go into sleep after 30 min before the backup is complete. Is there a trick to wake pc from sleep to perform backup and prevent pc for entering sleep mode while backup process is running?
CH Christian_s asked on 29 August 2020, 11:09
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My past conundrum is that there is such a premium on NAS hardware, with no reasonable desktop (not rack mount) solutions with say 8 cores, 64GB of RAM and lots of SSD. I have long wanted to build my own, except configuring a good software solution (and maintaining it for years to come) is a lot of work, especially when security patches need to be installed on all of the individual components (like Plex, ownCloud, Calibre, Zoneminder, and so on). Most of the software is one click away from updates with Synology. Along comes QuTScloud. Now I can supposedly build a NAS (as described above), run Ubuntu as the OS with Virtualbox and install a supported and licensed version of QuTS. This would be the best of both worlds. Questions: 1. Any rumblings about Synology doing the same thing with DSM? 2. Any plans on doing a review of QuTScloud on generic hardware? I bought a license and am testing now, but I would like an experts viewpoint.
CO Coreyswilson asked on 27 August 2020, 19:17
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Which NAS for a church for video recording, editing, and file sharing?

I want to move our church from Windows Server 2012 to a NAS. We have less than 1 TB of private and shared office files being backed up to a 3 TB external HDD. We also have a Mac (not connected to the server) for recording our services and for video editing. There are 7 HDDs connected to it with 36 TB of video files. There is a 14 TB HDD connected to it to which I have backed up most of the Final Cut Pro 10 libraries as a stopgap measure. I also subscribed to Backblaze to back up this Mac online. Every Sunday we record our services and live stream them through the Mac. The recordings are saved to the external HDDs until they are edited and published. We need a connection that is fast for the recording and passing of the files to the live stream box, and then need all this data stored and backed up. We also need file sharing, and the ability to connect from any computer, tablet or phone, from anywhere. What Synology NAS do you recommend, how much storage, and RAID 5, 6, or SHR? Thanks.
GE Gene asked on 24 August 2020, 21:04
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