NAS Advice?

I'm doing some consulting for a small business that needs to have their VMware infrastructure replaced. currently they have 2 VMware hosts; one that they use to run VMs and the other runs Veeam and stores their backups. Both of these hosts are 6-7 years old and highly inadequate and there is no shared storage. I would like to replace the two host with 2 new hosts that are used to run VMs and add some shared storage. I'm thinking a NAS is the way to go. This project has a limited budget for storage, initially, and I don't think a SAN is appropriate. I was thinking about installing a Synology NAS to use for backup storage and possibly running some VMs.
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 16 March 2021, 15:55
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Help with qnap nas?

Looking for professional help to setup my nas I watch you videos
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QNAP TS-873A NAS Plex Tests - 4K & 1080p

Discuss: QNAP TS-873A NAS Plex Tests - 4K & 1080p
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A quiet 8-bay storage solution?

Greetings, I am writing to enquire about, what would be the best storage enclosure for the most quiet possible 8 x 8 TB SSD solution. The SSDs would most probably be running as JBOD. The use case is 120fps 10bit 4K video editing/ coloring. The emphasis is on finding the most quiet possible enclosure for remote work at home. Because HDDs are lound when spinning, especially as more storage is added, and as most of the enclosures have loud/ low quality fans that create more noise than one would wish for in his own home/ bedroom, I would like to know if you can suggest the best quiet 8-bay storage enclosure that could store 8 SSDs? Kind regards, Kristaps
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Can't decide between two QNAP models + some ZFS questions?

Hi Robbie, I wanted to drop you a not to ask you your opinion on which NAS I should buy. Thanks to you excellent youtube videos, I’ve narrowed it down to either the Qnap TS-h973AX or the TS-673A. Before, I also had the Qnap ts-453D on the list, but decided against it because the other two are more powerful. My use case: I own a small business, only three employees, but I want to future proof my purchase. Up to now I used an unRaid system which is not bad, but the hardware is getting a bit old so now I want to buy something new, something that just works without too much tinkering. In the office it's getting used mostly for serving office files and backup, in the home my movie and music collection is also on it. I’ve recently upgraded all the desktops to 2.5 Gbe, so that’s a factor for me. 10 Gbe seems overkill for my needs (for now). A bit too pricey also I reckon. My network is a full Ubiquiti Unifi system, so since they don’t have 2.5 Gbe switches, I’m going to use a simple Qnap QSW-1105-5T until they do. Now, because I want to future proof my purchase, I think the TS-673A is probably the better choice because it has dual PCIe slots and the TS-h973AX does not. Granted, the TS-h973AX has 10 Gbe, but as said, no need for that just yet. Which one of the two would you recommend? I probably will end up putting two NVMe's in it for cache too, but I hear there's no point in buying the fastest ones around because the interface can't keep up. Which NmMe SSD's would you recommend for cache then? I also want to ask you something about QTS vs. QuTS Hero. I have no experience with ZFS, but have been following up on it for years. It seems to me like the obvious choice About the only downside I can see is that it doesn’t allow for expansion of a ZFS RAID array, like QTS does. But from what I’ve read, it is faster, more robust and comes with tons more features. Would you consider doing a comparison between the two, especially now you’ve got that 64GB of memory handy? :) The way I’m thinking of setting the new NAS up, is buying three 8TB drives (probably Ironwolf or HGST, 7200rpm – will look out not getting stuck with SMR models) in a RAID5/RAIDZ1. Is that smart? I’ve read some arguments saying never to used RAIDZ1, only RAIDZ2, but that would cost me another drive. Besides, I will use Pro/enterprise disks, so the chance of drive failure should be lower anyway ? Another reason I want to do a RAIDZ1 with 3 drives is because that leaves me with three empty bays, in which I can install 3 new bigger drives for an additional ZFS pool once the need arises. You know, future proofing and all. Is that a good idea or would it be better for me to pursue a different path? With the Qnap software, does it so regular disk scrubs automatically or do you need to do that yourself every so often? Well, that's it for my questions. Just another thing I’ve always wondered : why do you have difference channels? I mean, and NASCompares, they both serve the same purpose, no? Doesn’t matter much too because I check them both, but I was just wondering. :) Cheers, Bart
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IP Camera on Cat5 & Memory Usage?

Hello, Firstly I have built my new NAS a few different ways RAID1 the SHR, (btfrs)I noticed memory usage was down with same applications installed (proxy, plex, Essential AV, Surveillance) memory went from 21% to 14% with SHR all other things being the same interesting! Anyway can you recommend some budget IP cameras for my budget no more than £200 for 3, thank you.
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Wanting to buy a 2-bay NAS for Homeoffice/iOS & OS BackUps?

Hi, I'd like to buy a NAS, preferably Synology, secondarily QNAP. I wanted actually a DS220+, but then in the Synology's compatibility list I could find this SSD unit supporting for NAS Model. The SSD Unit is a WD Red SSD with part number WDS200T1R0A-68A4W0. It costs right now about 245€ on Amazon and two of them for mounting a RAID system is affordable to me. Is there any other option within the range of functional characterstics of a DS220+ that supports the SSD Unit mentioned above? HDD is a no-go to me and my wife. I won't risk with HDD Reds because of their noise. The NAS will be placed in the living room and silence is the main and only reason I go for an affordable SSD solution. Best regards and thanks in advance for your advice, Ruben
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Please can I have some NAS advice.?

Hi, first off, thank you for having this help section on your website. Basically I am looking to get my first NAS to backup family photos and brief ~30s to 1m videos. Currently I am storing these on my PC in 2 locations (1 copy on a SSD and another copy on a mechanical HDD). With that, I think that 2TB should be more than enough to start me off with a NAS, and I was thinking that possibly RAID 1 would do the job? Again this will be my first NAS, so with RAID I'm not sure what would be best. I do have a network switch setup in my house that has 2.5Gbit speed although my PC only has 1Gbit, but that is easy to upgrade. The absolute main thing that I'm looking for is silence along with reliability. I am looking for a NAS that could be upgraded down the line, so do you think that a 4 bay would be sufficient? Regarding the silent part, do you think that installing SSDs would be a better choice than mechanical ones. Oh 1 final part. I know that some NAS have an app for mobile devices, so that I could transfer photos right from my phone to it. If that is the case, a NAS with that feature would also be a must. Wow, there is so much to learn with NAS, I'm actually finding it really fun to read up on them! Thank you again for your time, Christopher.
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Your advice for NAS?

Dear Friend, I would like to ask you about which NAS is good for me, I`m a home user and the main requirement for me is to take automatic backup for 5 mobiles IOS and android but no one from these mobiles can see the other one data. and windows and I want to use multimedia for smart TV. Thanks a lot in advance
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Looking into a Nas drive vs external hard drive?

Hello, Found you on youtube. Great content. I have a channel aswell and I have a crap ton of video file for 10 years now. I have about 3-4 external hard drive and they work, but I want to be able to fill a hard drive and replace it and had the mirror back up like the NAS does. What is your suggestion ? I am not looking to break the bank. so far I have standard external hard drive from 2 tb to 8tb. All Hdd not SSD.
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Apple pictute library on qnap TS230?

Hi, I'm looking for instruction/video on how to move apple pictures library to Qnap TS230. I know that Qnap has a pictures application, but would it be possible to keep mac photo library on NAS. Now I keep that library now on external drive. Can you please provide some information about it. Thanks Voytek
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 14 March 2021, 00:40
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CPU PCIe Lanes Explained - How They Effect NAS Hardware

Discuss: CPU PCIe Lanes Explained - How They Effect NAS Hardware
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What NAS to purchase?

I am looking to replace my Drobo FS with either a Synology or QNAP NAS. I would like to be able to expand to 20TB + in the future and prefer 6bays. I currently store 400,000+ RAW camera images plus all the usual Word, Excel documents for personal use. I use Lightroom and Photoshop. At least three computers will share this device, two with Ethernet and one wireless. The current NAS devices offer so much more that I would like to take advantage of such as Cloud storage and backup to our phone images as well as multimedia source for our 4K TV. I have looked extensively at the Synology DS1621+ and QNAP TS-653D-8G. I wonder if I need to worry about the different file systems they use? thank you for any advise you can offer. :)
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 13 March 2021, 22:00
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NAS Selection?

Looking at a NAS with a 3K budget (just for the NAS, storage will come later) I was thinking about a TVS-h1688X this will be used for PLEX that wil handle 5 - 10 streams of which may have 3 - 5 transcoding. I would also like to use a GPU if possible for hardware tanscoding. Thank you
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Choosing a hard drive and NAS?

I was planning on purchasing 920+ by Synology. I probably already have around 4TB of photos, videos, etc..... I have future plans to add media as well as videos of kids sporting events. I was planning on purchasing 2, 10 TB ironwolf hard drives for now and setting it up as SHR with plans to add another hard drive or 2 in the future. I would like to add a similar but smaller set up at my small business where I currently have less than a a TB of storage but would like to back up to my home Synology and vice versa. The items are in my cart but want confirmation that this makes decent sense. thank you,
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Plex Synology NAS Performance Guide - 2021 Edition

A Guide to How Each Synology NAS Perform in Plex Media Server If you have been wondering about buying a NAS in 2021 for use as a Plex Media Server, then chances are that you have heard good thing abo
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QNAP QSync Pro NAS Phone App Review

Discuss: QNAP QSync Pro NAS Phone App Review
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Question about TS-932PX 16GB ?

Hello Does the TS-932PX 16GB support VMWare? Yours sincerely
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 12 March 2021, 23:50
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Choosing a NAS?

Hey there! I'm looking into getting a NAS but have been overwhelmed with the costs and options. I'm looking for something that can run Home Assistant (with Zigbee and Z Wave USBs attached), a Plex Server for music, photos, and some movies, and to work as an NVR to hold footage for a week or two at 720p from 3 cameras. What would be the minimum requirements I'd be looking for to achieve this and any advice in general? Thanks!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 12 March 2021, 23:25
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Rackmount NAS with 10Gbe, SSD Caching Bays, ZFS and HDMI ?

Hello, Looking for a Synology Rackmount NAS with 10Gbe, SSD Caching Bays, ZFS and HDMI. Having trouble sorting through their site to find a product that has all these features. Do know a model line that can handle Surveillance, Virtualization and being a Plex server?
PL Plex4kuser asked on 12 March 2021, 18:16
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