Plex and Multimedia Console sharing Libraries?

I am confused whether Plex and Multimedia Console apps like Qmagie can share the same folders. I will be using HD Station and noted that the Plex apps for this had been removed. It would be safer it seems to just use the apps that come with HD Station. I found only one reference to this issue which suggested that sharing libraries/folders between Plex and Qnap apps would upset Plex.
BA asked on 10 March 2020, 22:37
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Asustor4004T, setting up ADM Defender firewall settings? An idiots guide required?

Hi, I'm setting up my Asustor NAS and have no idea on how best to setup the ADM Defender in settings. I want it for 2 pc's home at the moment but may well need it for mobile phone access later. Win 10/android. i have several IP's showing the main provider, DNS and LAN IP's? Thanks
JI Jim asked on 09 March 2020, 10:31
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WD Red 6TB using SMR omg?

I have a Qnap NAS and two WD Red 6TB hard disks. Trying to decide between static/thick/thin. I know there is a performance hit but quite like the flexibility of thin as would setup three volumes with snapshot on one and over-provision. I can't get a handle on how much the performance hit might be. Also I was horrified to find out my WD Reds are using SMR. As I will setup as a RAID1 I wondered if thin would be a problem with these drives versus static. Cheers...
ST Stormy asked on 08 March 2020, 20:09
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How to know if a compressed & encrypted backup in proper & not corrupt?

I have 1TB which was "compressed" and "encrypted" into about 800GB as a backup on Google Drive. The backup was made with the official QNAP HBS app. HOWEVER, I bet there were several connection interruption while it was making the initial backup so... Now I just don't know if I should feel safe or not, how can I test if the backup is / stays healthy and has integrity and not corrupt? Is there any way we can check this periodically?
ME Mesqueeb asked on 06 March 2020, 21:07
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GPU external or internal for ts-1635ax?

Is there any way I today can install an external or internal GPU for my qnap ts 1635 ax?
NC Nc enquiries asked on 06 March 2020, 08:47
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How long is the initial backup of 1TB?

I set up a backup with QNAP "HBS3 backup & sync". I'm trying to back up 1TB for the first time. -- First 12 hour it did 46% -- It's been 6 hours since then, but now is only at 53%... Backup options: (1) backup to Google Drive (2) client side encryption (3) these (default) compression settings (see attachement) Question: Is it normal it takes so long?
How long is the initial backup of 1TB?
ME Mesqueeb asked on 06 March 2020, 07:24
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Best external backup SERVICE in 2020?

In 2020, what is a recommended backup service? Right now I have about 1.5 TB of data, I expect that to grow until about 5TB over the next 5~10 years. I rather pay a little extra to know the service is reliable, like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. But I wanted to see if there are recommendations for me from this community? These are the choices (see attached image):
Best external backup SERVICE in 2020?
ME Mesqueeb asked on 03 March 2020, 04:26
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Best external backup HDD in 2020?

I have a NAS I'm planning to expand to 4~6 TB of Data For external backups: I'm thinking of having a single external HDD (maybe around 8TB to begin) I would periodically insert to make backups. I saw that I can get an 8TB regular external HDD from both Seagate and WD Elements for about 200 USD, I'm not sure what to look out for though... Are there any recommendations for me?
ME Mesqueeb asked on 03 March 2020, 04:19
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Qnap compatible hard drives (HDD)?

Hi, I am looking into getting my first NAS QNAP TS230 with 2x 4TB HDDs. My question is- QNAP has a "recommended" NAS HDD drives list on their website, does it mean it wont work as efficiently from something outside that list? I was thinking of getting the Seagate Ironwolf ST4000VN0008 which is not a part of the recommended list on QNAP's website.
NC Nc enquiries asked on 02 March 2020, 23:03
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Evaluate migrate from Windows 2008 R2 to HNAS?

I am looking for a benchmark between Windows File Server versus HDS NAS.
NC Nc enquiries asked on 02 March 2020, 22:10
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HBS encrypted backup to cloud service: private key?

I'm thinking of backing up some folders of my QNAP File Station to Dropbox with "HBS Backup & Sync". I want to do this with encryption, so the files on my NAS are not encrypted, but the backups on Dropbox are, so no regular files are ever sent to Dropbox's servers. In this case I wonder: 1. Where is the private key stored? 2. Do the HBS developers have access to this private key? 3. If my NAS gets destroyed in a fire, and I buy a new NAS, will I be able to un-encrypt my backup after retrieving it from Dropbox? (I'm sure I'd need to have a copy of the private key in this case) Any advice much appreciated!
ME Mesqueeb asked on 02 March 2020, 03:23
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HBS sync/file station: How to auto clean recycle folder?

So I have a 2 way sync set up with HBS between my NAS ⇔ Dropbox. Whenever I move/rename a file on Dropbox, on my NAS: 1. the old file ends up in the Recycle bin 2. the file is re-added in the correct folder/with the correct name The problem is that if I don't go manually clear out the recycle bin from File Station, my NAS' storage just ends up becoming FULL really quick... **My question:** A. Is there either a way to have HBS Sync not move files to the Recycle bin at all, but just delete files that don't exist anymore, like how Dropbox works on a regular Macbook? OR B. Is there a way to have File Station automatically clear out the Recycle bin ever hour or something?
ME Mesqueeb asked on 02 March 2020, 03:15
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Can I host two PLEX servers on one QNAP NAS?

I have a QNAP NAS, and my friend asked if he can buy his own HD to add to my NAS to host his own PLEX server, rather than adding all his films to my PLEX, we think this is a better solution. Is this possible?
ME Mesqueeb asked on 02 March 2020, 02:54
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NAS & DVR - can NAS replace my DVR?

I appreciate your website and videos. They’re very helpful. I’m trying to figure out if a NAS can replace my DVR which I rent from my cable service. Can a NAS schedule and record tv programs from my cable provider? If so, which NAS devices would work well with this?
NC Nc enquiries asked on 01 March 2020, 17:08
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I want to place my Asustor NAS between my PC and switch- but it doesn't work correctly?

I just bought an Asustor Nimbustor AS5304T. This has dual 2.5Gbe ethernet ports. My PC has a 10Gbe ethernet port but my switch is only 1Gbe capable. So I tried to place my NAS 'between' the PC and the switch, hoping that the PC would see the NAS at 2.5Gbe whilst the PC and NAS would then see the rest of the world at only 1Gbe. To be clear, NAS ethernet port 1 to PC, NAS ethernet port 2 to switch. However, when I do this the PC cannot see the internet, but can see the NAS. How can I achieve what I want, without having to buy an expensive new switch? Thanks! PS I'm not a Trump nut, I just mispelled Mega :-)
MA Magadamo asked on 01 March 2020, 13:50
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Upgrading DS-414?

Hi, wanted to upgrade my DS-414, 4 Bay NAS with more memory and/or a more powerfull CPU. If this is not possible are there possibilities to change the whole Main board witch would have more RAM and a more powerfull CPU, or would it be better to buy a completely NEW NAS?
NC Nc enquiries asked on 01 March 2020, 09:50
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Memory upgrade on Synology DS1817?

I followed your guide and saw that my used swap memory has a value of 360Mb and should be 0 like stated (in your guide, you are at 4Kb). So I guess I should upgrade my memory in my NAS, I received errors that I had not enough ressources to play some files on my plex server, so I guess this is related. I have the DS1817 unchanged, what maximum memory is supported officially and unoficially (can I have 16 Gb on that model) and which memory modules I should get. Thanks a lot!
NC Nc enquiries asked on 01 March 2020, 09:28
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How to covert existing Raid 1 to Raid 5?

Hello, I have a 4 bay QNAP TS-453A NAS with 2 x 2TB disks installed and set to Raid 1 I have just bought 2 more 2TB disks and want to upgrade my raid 1 to raid 5 incorporating all 4 disks without losing my data Can you help me please?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 29 February 2020, 08:17
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Pegasus32 R4 Vs Best Drobo?

I currently have a Drobo S from 2008! Need to upgrade-! Drobo S is almost at Max capacity- (the redundancy part almost full) - My goal is to get a new drive that does what my current drive (Drobo S) does with more memory- but also has cloud storage! Is the Pegasus32 R4 a good solution? Or which Drobo would you suggest? Tech appreciation to you! 2,000 16 TB but would like redundancy
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 29 February 2020, 07:59
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NAS Requirements?

Hello, I just have got a query. I’ve changed from a PC with 3 internal large hard drives to a laptop with limited SSD storage capacity. Therefore, I was considering a NAS for 3 principal reasons: • Keep all data I’ve got accessible. Mainly at home but also get online access. • Create a DLNA network for playing music with my Denon Hifi. • Create copies avoiding losing data if backup hard drives break. However, looking more in detail, if I invest in such service, I decided to take the advantage and Invest a bit further and get a more sophisticated system, adding features like 4k transcoding and encoded copies. From several options I’ve looking for I was decided for a Synology 218 or 218+, mainly because of the more friendly environment, apparent more online help/assistance and I expect better design life, due to constant software upgrades. What do you recommend?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 29 February 2020, 07:54
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