NAS Purchase and Sync over Internet Question?

Greetings, I recently (last night) found your YouTube channel and watched some of your videos. I have used the Synology software at work to recover employees files, but not much beyond that. I currently back up to USB drives connected to my desktop, but I am interested in purchasing several NAS's to backup to instead. My thought is to maybe connect one at my mom's house and maybe a friend's house to have multiple backups are different locations. Do I have earth shattering data to backup? No. But, I have years of files and tax documents and photos, and probably a ton of garbage, and I want to do this to accomplish "doing the right thing" with my data, possibly sharing the option to use my drives for my college-age children with their own login, if not set them up with their own at some point, etc. I am interested in using either the NAS or something like Home Assistant in the future for surveillance, but I currently have no cameras set up. I did recently purchase a doorbell with a camera that does not require a subscription, but have not set it up yet. So, I watched your video on using RSYNC between Synology and TerrraMaster. But, this was done over your network. Is it just as easy to sync over the internet, like to my mom's house? Will I have to get into her service provided modem/router to route ports to sync to a station at her house? Will I have to install a router behind her modem/router to accomplish this? Or, will it just work? I saw this 4-bay TerraMaster on sale at Newegg for $150, and I thought could I should use it for the remote locations: I thought I would start with 2 drives in RAID 1, with the option to upgrade should I require more space in the future. I did read about the 2-bay Synology for a similar price, and I am just not sure which way I am better off going. The remote units would be strictly for backup, at this point, but at my house, I would like to eventually play with some of the other utilities, including containers, Next Cloud, arcade (MAME), torrent, VPN, WireGuard, VMs, surveillance etc. I am not big on paying for services, but I would consider Plex if the other options end up being a PIA, like trying to keep up with all the changes with the free Kodi movie sites. We mostly use Netflix currently. I am fairly certain there is a fee with Synology's surveillance software beyond a few cameras. I would rather not pay if I did not have to, unless it is totally worth it. Currently, I am happy watching movies at 720p. I actually prefer not to have the highest quality because it is too clear to me. I do not need to see actors' pores. Yet, animated movies are great in high def. Anyway.... So, there's a lot to choose from Auster, Synology, QNAP, TerraMaster.... I should mention that I enjoy using Linux and am curious about BTRFS and snapshots, although I do not currently have a complete understanding of them. I did consider making a TrueNAS box to learn ZFS, but, it seems more complicated than what I am looking for. I have been putting this off for years because I did not want to regret my purchase decision. Thank you in advance, Rob
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Nas for Virtual machines and file server?

Hi Team, I am looking for a rack mount nas device for a small business with two virtual machines and a file server. Thanks Shahal
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Most Powerful Nas to Run websites?

I would like to know what is the most powerful nas to buy not to run 100's of websites at the same time. I want to turn it into a webs server. I would like to know what model is up for the task. Size and price is no concern for me.
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Looking for an easy to setup NAS solution?

Tired setting up an NAS 10 years ago with QNAP TS-209. Still have it, basically new with minimal use. Could never get it to work and boxed it up out of frustration. Was definitely not just plug and play. 10 years later, new Windows 10 based network, with typical hope peripherals including a PS3. I want to be able to share files with others in the house, serve media to my home entertainment center, and log in remotely to access files when away. Most of all I want it to be painless to set up and reliable.
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PS5 WiFi 6 Speed Tests - Better that LAN or WiFi 5?

Discuss: PS5 WiFi 6 Speed Tests - Better that LAN or WiFi 5?
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I have a QNAP TVS-673e with an attached QNAP TR-004 USB 3.1. I need to add an additional expansion device and am currently looking at a QNAP TS-D1600S. On Qnap’s compatibility list it states my nas can only support (2) TR-004, (1) TS-DxxxxS and so on. My question is can I attach both my current TR-004 and a TS-D1600s to the TVS-673e at the same time or are my only options to add a second TR-004 or removing the TR-004 in order to add the TS-D1600s? I’ve done a pretty extensive search but haven’t been able to find out if a USB-C and a Sata device play nice on the same NAS device. Thanks for any info.
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QNAP TS-873A (64GBRAM): QuTS: benefitts of PCIe GPU?

What are the advantages of GPU expansion? In conjunction with virtualization and containers what exactly does it bring and is it worth it? Is only the graphics performance passed on to the VM's or is the computing power also supported? Or what other benefits does it bring? Thanks
ST asked on 20 March 2021, 20:48
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QNAP TS-873A (64GBRAM): QuTS: SSD system pool / SSD cache?

What is more sufficient? SSD cache or SSD system pool? If I´m right when I do install first a RAID 1 with two M2 SDD this will be the system pool. Every NAS App will be installed on this device. If I just insert RAID 5 HDD this will be the system pool. How is to calculate the size of this M.2 SSD. Would be nice if VM´s, Containers would run as well on SSD system pool. For a SSD cache in Read only a older SSD SATA drive should work as well? Thx
ST asked on 20 March 2021, 20:36
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Recommendation for the correct dimensioning of quts on a TS-873A?

Hi, thank you for your great YouTube channel! I bought a TS-873A with 64GB RAM. I will will use it with a RAID 5 of 3 existing Seagate 4TB IronWoolf, and maybe as well some other HDD. I did an upgrade of desktop, 2.5Gb LAN and a 5 port QNAP Switch. I decided to runt it with QuTS, jsut set up it. Currently I wonder how to get best performance if want to use Virtualization or Container station. I don´t understand how System pool or cache is working. Would you recommend a raid 1 with two SSD (I would go for M.2 because saving bays and PCIe 3.1 should be enough for my requirements as well I can use cheaper ones with more MTBF instead of huge transferspeed)? If I re setup the NAS again with SSD RAID1 would this be the system pool? Is it possible to use this as well for data of VM´/Containers? How I calculate the space for it? I expect something around 500GB should be enough? A dedicated ssd cache seems the least helpful to me. But may I will have a SATA SSD for that from my workstation as well, would this be worth? Many thanks in advance! Cheers Michael
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QNAP Volume Type Preference for Home Use?

Hello, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased QNAP-TVS-872N to run home plex/personal storage NAS. I have a ton of media I'll be loading on it right away so I have 6x 16TB HDDs loaded and ready to roll. I just don't know if I should be using a static volume with no pools or thick/thin provision model with pools. From what I have been able to gather snapshotting and volume expansion are the primary reasons to use thick/thin volume types I don't really foresee myself adding to this main volume and would likely only use the remaining bays on a separate set of drives for my surveillance system. So for a typical home user is snapshotting worth the storage allocation required (suggested) by QNAP when creating the volume? As far as I can tell it doesn't provide any disaster recovery, but only "oopsie" recovery from accidental delete. Is there any other main benefits I'm missing from snapshot or other processes run with thick/thin volumes? Am I losing out on a bunch of valuable tech by choosing to simple volume raid 5 my drives?
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Synology certificates?

Hi, love your youtube vids and appreciate all that you do.. Can you ‘please’ do a ‘really clear’ video on synology certificates! I’m referring to the ‘your site is not secure’ business . There are loads on YouTube but I mean a video that is not aimed at those who already know what they are doing with ddns/domain names/ etc. Whilst I do ‘understand what a domain name is it is the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ certificate I’m referring to with a proper before/after demonstration, other vids finish with eg “so click apply and there you go, bye” I’m a home user with a 416 Play NAS for storing family stuff on to share eg pics with family living elsewhere, I have a registered domain name but don’t use it for a website, just the email function. Many thanks
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1st time nas user?

I am a first time NAS buyer for my home use. I am the only person who will be using the nas. I am looking mainly for storage for my music collection & photos. I am not planning on loading movies on NAS. If I do load movies it will only be for inside my home playback. Also to access my storage remotely. I also want to remove some of my files away from the laptop & onto the NAS. I will backup the NAS to an external drive also. Is there Anything else that I should know about NAS usage? I am replying back . You recommended the Synology 218 or 218 +. Here in Canada the 218 + seems to be out of stock everywhere. I was looking at the ds218 compared to QNAP ts-230. They seem to have similar specs but the QNAP is 1/3 the price here in Canada. In your opinion why is the synology the better choice? I was originally looking at both of those synologys but the saw the QNAP Thank you very much for your time
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1st time nas user?

I am a first time NAS buyer for my home use. I am the only person who will be using the nas. I am looking mainly for storage for my music collection & photos. Also to access my storage remotely. I also want to remove some of my files away from the laptop & onto the NAS. I will backup the NAS to an external drive also. I am not planning on loading movies on the NAS. If I do it will only be for my inside home playback. Anything else that I should know about purchasing my 1st NAS?
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I'm looking for a quiet and cool NAS system?

Dear Rob, I would like to ask your help with the following question. Currently, I have a Synology DS420j with four WD82PURZ disks in SHR2/RAID6 mode. The problem is that this setup is very noisy, and it produces a lot of heat. I should add that the NAS is in a tiny place with little ventilation. Earlier I had a DS220j with two WD40PURZ disks, and it worked like a charm. I replaced the disks with WD82PURZ models due to increased storage requirements. It was noisier, but the temperature remained below 43 degrees. In comparison, the current configuration is much louder, and at full speed, the two fans could only cool the disk to 47-48 degrees. I would like to ask what I need to change to have a quiet and cool system. I read about BeQuiet! and Noctua quiet fans. So far, I have chosen purple WD drives to eliminate frequent head parking. A two-bay NAS system with 10-12TB of RAID1, one gigabit Ethernet, and 5400 rpm drives are enough for me. I’ve only had Synology devices, but I don’t stick to the brand. I really appreciate any help you can provide. Best Regards, Chris
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Morning rob, keep up the great videos! Very quick question, looking at buying a DS920+ for home media use with dsvideo apps on my nvidia shield and the kids google tv dongles.... but do you think a qnap running jellyfin would work better? Qnaps native video app isnt easy enough to use for my younger kids. Cheers Tom
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Inventory includes: Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 laptop, MacBook Air (Catalina), MacBook Air M1 Big Sur). NAS use for centralized storage for disaster recovery. I have 1TB OneDrive storage and 2TB iDrive storage. I would like to retain both versions of APFS, Catalina and Big Sur along with NTFS on Windows 10 machines. I would also like a local port on the NAS to attach Thunderbolt / USB to provide 20 Gbps for backup of NAS.
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I have read your article about the 8 things wrong. I have selected a Qnap tvs 472XT. I am living in a rural area where the internet is no that good I am planning to upload in the nas all my personal data, as well as movies and music I want to stream movies and music to my TVs questions 1. what do you think about the 472xt processor ? will it do the job ? Intel® Pentium G5400T 2-core 3.1 GHz Processor 2. Memory no problem i will expand it as much as i can , may be 8 - 32 gb 3. what about the graphic processor Intel® UHD Graphics 610 4. Noise ? I will locate it far away and do HDMI connection 5. Plex media looks like no issue ? do really appreciate your feedback and advise Thanks ED
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What software do I NEED to DL for the TX-X53D?

I have finally got things running and now I am looking through the DL section in the QNAP software site and there is a huge amount of software, it is for home use, what do I actually need. BIOS updates and drivers OK, but what else, just the basics, or what do you recommend?
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NAS media streaming to Macbook to replace USB hard drive use?

Hey, So this is just a general question about NAS devices... For years I have just used USB-connected hard drives to play music, watch films on my Macbook with iTunes/Swinsian/VLC, and now I would like to do the same, but wirelessly so I don't have to keep plugging and unplugging anytime I want to watch/listen to things. I have little knowledge or experience on NAS, but in my head I'm thinking I can get one, stick some drives in, connect to my router so it will show up on my network, then access it from my laptop with a password or something and then just use it as I would a USB-connected hard drive. But from some googling and reading, it doesn't sound like it would be that simple at all. Lots of talk about setting up different servers and such which sounds beyond my expertise. Can you give any help or advice on this? I'm looking at a Synology DS420J if that helps. Thanks.
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NAS for Plex Media Server - 8 Mistakes People ALWAYS Make!

Buying a NAS for Plex Media Server - 8 Things People Get WRONG! If you have decided to invest in a network-attached storage device to host your Plex media server, then congratulations, you are close
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