Btrfs or Ext4?

Hi there - loved your Youtube videos and helpful advice. I've just replaced my DS213J which died with a new DS420+. 2x2TB drives (I plan to add more later). What I'm struggling to understand is which file system I should use and does it really matter? I did watch your videos but I was none the wiser. I'm a home consumer user. Primary usage will be to store and organise family photos (google photos replacement) and home videos. Secondary usage as a media server (music and movies). I will be torrenting a bit. Eventually I will want to also use it for surveillance. I won't be using it for business critical applications. I understand btrfs is supposed to address 'bitrot' and be more efficienct for storage use. For my usage, is there any benefit to going btrfs over Ext4? Or should I stick with Ext4, which is supposed to use less resources? Can I combine the two on one machine? e.g if I want to use the machine for surveillance, what is the best approach here? If I have 4 drives, 3 could be btrfs and one drive dedicated to ext4? Any suggestions appreciated as much of the searching I've done online to get an answer only leads to being drowned by technical information. Cheers Matthew
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Purchasing question?

I am an event photographer with a limited budget. I am in the process of upgrading my hardware and software for an easier more efficient workflow. I'm on a 27"iMac 2020 and moving to Big Sur. I use BackBlaze for cloud backup and DriveDx to monitor my drives. I've consolidated all data onto two 20tb T3 G-Drives one for family and one for clients. I am now looking for an additional two 20tb or one 40tb DAS T3 drive/s to daisy chain with them. I intend to use GoodSync to backup onto these new drives, or drive, then use the new faster drives as my main drives. Since I have both physical and cloud backup I'd like to use the DAS as RAID0. I am at a loss regarding what to purchase and would very much value your opinion. Thank you
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Review Our NAS?

Good day, would you be interested in reviewing our products? Our platform enables professional video production teams to share media files and collaborate on projects. For video teams that need remote access to their projects, our mediaHub is the only solution that enables real-time collaboration between editors from anywhere in the world. Here's our website
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64GB, 32GB and ECC memory in the QNAP TS-873A NAS - Memory Upgrade Test

Discuss: 64GB, 32GB and ECC memory in the QNAP TS-873A NAS - Memory Upgrade Test
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Hi! Love your content! I'm looking to buy my first NAS. I saw your videos on storing Steam games on a NAS and I would love to offload my games to an external storage rather than clutter up my main PC, especially since I have multiple devices connected to my Steam account with the same games installed. I also have a separate server machine running plex and a few virtual machines. A gaming virtual machine is planned in the future when I can convert that server machine to esxi (currently using workstation player on windows) and upgrade my cpu's/gpu's. I was thinking of storing my vm files on the NAS as well if possible. My Plex library currently only consumes 3TB, but is growing. My Steam/Emulator library is also 3TB and growing. My vm's currently only take up about 0.5TB and I don't see it getting above 1TB anytime soon. I will shortly be upgrading my server, gaming computer, and network switch to 10gbe, so I'm looking for a 10gbe NAS solution. Is it too ambitious to do all of these on one NAS? Would 5 bays be enough for a RAID 5 to be fast enough to utilize my 10gbe connections? Thank you so much!
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Upgrading from a Western digital pr4100 to a qnap for plex server ?

Hi, I'm very new to Qnap been reading plex's requirement spread sheet for the best systems to play 4k UHD videos and the best out there seems to be the qnap TVS-1282T3 I like the features and I'm hoping it uses plex to it full potential, if you have any thoughts on that would love to hear them. another question is I am using tons of sing external Hardrives as cold storage for my western digital pr4100 Nas and would like to have one big storage array preferably 8 top 12 bay external hardrive can the expansions TX-800P be uses in such a manner where can plug it into my PC and it sees it as one big drive or is there another Qnap product I should be looking at ? any and all advice would be helpful. Best regards!
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There doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there on Direct Attached Storage solutions. I have tons of 4k video piling up (well over 10 TB and counting - recording the girls's softball games) on external hard drives and would like to put them all in one place. But, it's just me and I have no need for a networked attached device. Something like the Syba 5 bay enclosure looks interesting, but I don't see a lot of information about it. The buffalo drivestations looked intriguing as well, but it doesn't appear to have a diskless option and they appear to ship with no bigger than 4TB internal drives. Any recomendations? Thanks,
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Separate NAS Hard drive for surveillance ?

Hello, I’m new to NAS. Thank you for your videos it has helped me tremendously in make the move to NAS. I purchased a sys ology DS1520 and I have attached two Reolink E1 zoom cameras. I currently have 3 iron wolf drives. My main question is, I have a 1tb WD purple drive from an old surveillance system, would it be a benefit to add it to my NAS and can I set it up to be used only for surveillance station. If you have a video on this topic that would be great. Thank you very much for your help
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Hi. I've been watching a few of your videos. Thank you for the information...I really enjoy them. I was hoping you could recommend a NAS for me. I will be running Mac OS for the most part, but do have a PC in the mix as well. I have a Synology router (RT2600ac) and I've connected a USB drive to it and so I am familiar with "DS Router" and "DS File" on my phone only. This will be for a family of three, all on iPhones. I have four main uses cases for what I am looking for - 1. Backup those iPhones and the photos / videos on them. I'd like to have this be as automated as possible and key is that all three phones be able to get backed up. 2. Host iTunes music on the NAS to be ably to sync with iTunes. I don't need to stream the music from the NAS so much as to just have the files live on the NAS so they can manually sync with iTunes and then with the phones after that. I could see Plex coming into the mix at some point, but I am not currently using it. 3. Backup the computer's HD's...though I think I may keep most / all of my files on the NAS and thus not need to back up much. 4. As such, host random files on the NAS (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, .PDF, etc...). I want to be able to access these files from anywhere / any machine...ideally phone and computer, but computer more often than on a phone. I don't have massive storage needs...thinking 2 TB or so. I would go with a two bay system so I can have each drive backed-up / mirrored. I don't shy away from tinkering with settings, but I don't have an IT background. Software / ease of use, especially for the iPhones to be able to backup is more important than spec's of the NAS and ability to upgrade, etc... re: Synology apps - DS file requires me to open the app to have my photos back up. I am not sure if I can have that app on all of the phones, but regardless, we are away from our home network often and I don't think I can get photos to backup when not on the home network, hence my interest in a NAS setup. It is possible there is more to explore with the router in this regard. I also had iTunes music on that drive and was able to sync through it, but that setup was a bit slow and again I was not able to figure out how to get to it when not at home (if that is even an option). Appreciate any input you can give.
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Simple NAS + occasional editing capabilities

Hi Very impressed by the knowledge and mass of info at your site! As a NAS noob I however get a bit overwhelmed by all the information, so it would be awesome if you could give me some feedback on my perhaps very basic question:) I currently have about 1,5TB of video files that now lives on external HDDs + a Time Capsule, and I want to improve and simplify my setup. I work as a cinematographer. But I’m not an editor, so I don’t need a pro editing setup. A few times a year I do however work with my material in DaVinci Resolve or FCPX, to do grading or simple edits for things like tests or showreels. Projects are typically 0,5 to 10GB, and very rarely 4K. (Although that might change). I currently work from my maxed out 2012 MBP, and the external drives gives me about 60MB/s in BMSpeedTest. It’s of course far from snappy and I wouldn’t mind better performance. But amazingly enough it works, and might give you an idea of what I'm used to. (I will however upgrade as soon as the M1X MBPs comes out) So my initial idea was to move everything to a NAS, and do everything directly from it. Apart from storage; I only need TimeMachine compatibility and remote access to the files. No streaming, transcoding, surveillance, or any other software. I do have a physical size restriction and would like to keep the unit as small as possible. 2 bay = great. 3 bay = might work. 4 bay = too big. SSD NAS = too expensive for my needs. I currently have a 1GBE network, and I value low noise… Initial options I looked at: - DS220J with 2 x 4TB HDDs in RAID1 Cheap. But from what I understand; editing from it will not be faster than my current setup and it’s not really upgradable - DS220+ with 2 x 4TB HDDs in RAID1 Better hardware. But in RAID1 it still might not add enough difference for my needs, to warrant the doubling of price compared to DS220J? - QNAP TS-328 with 3 x 4TB HDDs in RAID5 Does RAID5 give enough of a speed boost to make it a good unit to edit on? If so; can I keep the 1GBE or do I need to update it? Alternative option: - Buy a cheap NAS. Then use the extra cash to buy an external SSD drive, and transfer the material when I want to edit stuff. This would be economical, while still having the option of really snappy editing possibilities. But it’s also a hassle having to transfer projects back and forth. So my lazy side would like a solution where I don’t need to transfer the files for edits. What would you recommend? My best /Simon
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64GB RAM question?

May I know if going to install 64GB RAM on QNAP TS-h973AX will it able to see 64GB RAM installed? as I watched your video (64GB, 32GB and ECC memory in the QNAP TS-873A NAS - Memory Upgrade Test) TS873A and TS-h973AX are using same CPU.
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Noob NAS/DAS question?

Hey man, I like you're videos, feel like I'm learning a lot and have a quesiton about what the best route to take would be. I'm a video editor working with a lot of footage - around 25 TB at the moment. I'm on a PC that has Thunderbolt 3 (Not sure how reliable it is at the moment). I've mainly been working with proxies or off of external drives and have been looking at either a NAS or a DAS to edit off of. With a NAS would I have to upgrade my internet service? or would I be able to directly connect the NAS to my PC? I currently just have a Comcast xFi Gateway with 800Mbps download speed. Would I be better suited to just get a DAS and call it a day or would a NAS be a better option?
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NAS Advice?

I'm doing some consulting for a small business that needs to have their VMware infrastructure replaced. currently they have 2 VMware hosts; one that they use to run VMs and the other runs Veeam and stores their backups. Both of these hosts are 6-7 years old and highly inadequate and there is no shared storage. I would like to replace the two host with 2 new hosts that are used to run VMs and add some shared storage. I'm thinking a NAS is the way to go. This project has a limited budget for storage, initially, and I don't think a SAN is appropriate. I was thinking about installing a Synology NAS to use for backup storage and possibly running some VMs.
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Help with qnap nas?

Looking for professional help to setup my nas I watch you videos
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QNAP TS-873A NAS Plex Tests - 4K & 1080p

Discuss: QNAP TS-873A NAS Plex Tests - 4K & 1080p
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A quiet 8-bay storage solution?

Greetings, I am writing to enquire about, what would be the best storage enclosure for the most quiet possible 8 x 8 TB SSD solution. The SSDs would most probably be running as JBOD. The use case is 120fps 10bit 4K video editing/ coloring. The emphasis is on finding the most quiet possible enclosure for remote work at home. Because HDDs are lound when spinning, especially as more storage is added, and as most of the enclosures have loud/ low quality fans that create more noise than one would wish for in his own home/ bedroom, I would like to know if you can suggest the best quiet 8-bay storage enclosure that could store 8 SSDs? Kind regards, Kristaps
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Can't decide between two QNAP models + some ZFS questions?

Hi Robbie, I wanted to drop you a not to ask you your opinion on which NAS I should buy. Thanks to you excellent youtube videos, I’ve narrowed it down to either the Qnap TS-h973AX or the TS-673A. Before, I also had the Qnap ts-453D on the list, but decided against it because the other two are more powerful. My use case: I own a small business, only three employees, but I want to future proof my purchase. Up to now I used an unRaid system which is not bad, but the hardware is getting a bit old so now I want to buy something new, something that just works without too much tinkering. In the office it's getting used mostly for serving office files and backup, in the home my movie and music collection is also on it. I’ve recently upgraded all the desktops to 2.5 Gbe, so that’s a factor for me. 10 Gbe seems overkill for my needs (for now). A bit too pricey also I reckon. My network is a full Ubiquiti Unifi system, so since they don’t have 2.5 Gbe switches, I’m going to use a simple Qnap QSW-1105-5T until they do. Now, because I want to future proof my purchase, I think the TS-673A is probably the better choice because it has dual PCIe slots and the TS-h973AX does not. Granted, the TS-h973AX has 10 Gbe, but as said, no need for that just yet. Which one of the two would you recommend? I probably will end up putting two NVMe's in it for cache too, but I hear there's no point in buying the fastest ones around because the interface can't keep up. Which NmMe SSD's would you recommend for cache then? I also want to ask you something about QTS vs. QuTS Hero. I have no experience with ZFS, but have been following up on it for years. It seems to me like the obvious choice About the only downside I can see is that it doesn’t allow for expansion of a ZFS RAID array, like QTS does. But from what I’ve read, it is faster, more robust and comes with tons more features. Would you consider doing a comparison between the two, especially now you’ve got that 64GB of memory handy? :) The way I’m thinking of setting the new NAS up, is buying three 8TB drives (probably Ironwolf or HGST, 7200rpm – will look out not getting stuck with SMR models) in a RAID5/RAIDZ1. Is that smart? I’ve read some arguments saying never to used RAIDZ1, only RAIDZ2, but that would cost me another drive. Besides, I will use Pro/enterprise disks, so the chance of drive failure should be lower anyway ? Another reason I want to do a RAIDZ1 with 3 drives is because that leaves me with three empty bays, in which I can install 3 new bigger drives for an additional ZFS pool once the need arises. You know, future proofing and all. Is that a good idea or would it be better for me to pursue a different path? With the Qnap software, does it so regular disk scrubs automatically or do you need to do that yourself every so often? Well, that's it for my questions. Just another thing I’ve always wondered : why do you have difference channels? I mean, and NASCompares, they both serve the same purpose, no? Doesn’t matter much too because I check them both, but I was just wondering. :) Cheers, Bart
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IP Camera on Cat5 & Memory Usage?

Hello, Firstly I have built my new NAS a few different ways RAID1 the SHR, (btfrs)I noticed memory usage was down with same applications installed (proxy, plex, Essential AV, Surveillance) memory went from 21% to 14% with SHR all other things being the same interesting! Anyway can you recommend some budget IP cameras for my budget no more than £200 for 3, thank you.
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Wanting to buy a 2-bay NAS for Homeoffice/iOS & OS BackUps?

Hi, I'd like to buy a NAS, preferably Synology, secondarily QNAP. I wanted actually a DS220+, but then in the Synology's compatibility list I could find this SSD unit supporting for NAS Model. The SSD Unit is a WD Red SSD with part number WDS200T1R0A-68A4W0. It costs right now about 245€ on Amazon and two of them for mounting a RAID system is affordable to me. Is there any other option within the range of functional characterstics of a DS220+ that supports the SSD Unit mentioned above? HDD is a no-go to me and my wife. I won't risk with HDD Reds because of their noise. The NAS will be placed in the living room and silence is the main and only reason I go for an affordable SSD solution. Best regards and thanks in advance for your advice, Ruben
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Please can I have some NAS advice.?

Hi, first off, thank you for having this help section on your website. Basically I am looking to get my first NAS to backup family photos and brief ~30s to 1m videos. Currently I am storing these on my PC in 2 locations (1 copy on a SSD and another copy on a mechanical HDD). With that, I think that 2TB should be more than enough to start me off with a NAS, and I was thinking that possibly RAID 1 would do the job? Again this will be my first NAS, so with RAID I'm not sure what would be best. I do have a network switch setup in my house that has 2.5Gbit speed although my PC only has 1Gbit, but that is easy to upgrade. The absolute main thing that I'm looking for is silence along with reliability. I am looking for a NAS that could be upgraded down the line, so do you think that a 4 bay would be sufficient? Regarding the silent part, do you think that installing SSDs would be a better choice than mechanical ones. Oh 1 final part. I know that some NAS have an app for mobile devices, so that I could transfer photos right from my phone to it. If that is the case, a NAS with that feature would also be a must. Wow, there is so much to learn with NAS, I'm actually finding it really fun to read up on them! Thank you again for your time, Christopher.
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