Upgrade from Synology DS218+ to DS920+ worth it?

Good day. I have a Synology DS218+ purchased in September 2020 which I am very happy with. I mainly use it as a Media Server to play video and audio content on Plex and my home receiver, but also use it for file and photo storage. Hardware: I added a 4 GB memory expansion card from Synology (which was not cheap) and two 6TB drives in a RAID 1 configuration which has quickly filled to about 75% capacity now. I'm torn between how to move forward. I am considering swapping out my 6 TB drives for two 10 or 12 TB drives. But I'm also considering upgrading completely to the DS920+, perhaps adding two new 6 TB drives (doubling my capacity in RAID 1 to 12 TB but that might be short sighted, storage-wise). Are fewer larger drives more efficient than more smaller drives? Lastly, I'm also thinking of getting a NUC to act as my Plex server as I occassionaly get buffering and failures watching larger high-res 1080p video. I’m not sure how to begin. I have not yet dipped my toe in 4K TV yet, and I know video files for 4K are much, much larger. If I get a NUC I need not worry so much about the less powerful CPU in the DS218+. I could use some advice!
GR Grodzki asked on 14 April 2021, 15:39
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DS220j enough?

I have been looking into buying a Synology NAS for one main purpose. Since Google decided to start charging for Photos I decided to make a local vault. My question is easy, is a DS220j enough for this? I only request that Moments/Synology Photos (later on) runs good, other apps are only bonus. Its for me and my wife and mainly our phone photos/videos. Once in a while also our DSLR camera. We have about 600 GB of photos/videos on a WD MyCloud today (and also on Google Photos). I absolutly want face recognition and would also prefer subject recognition to work. Will a DS220j do the job? Thanks, Roger
RO Rogera asked on 14 April 2021, 08:44
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Synology Desktop NAS for Plex 4k movie streaming?

I have a Synology DS414+ and the CPU is showing its age. I currently have 5 cameras running with Surveillance Station and use my Synology for backups and it also houses my video library. I am looking to upgrade to a new NAS and was originally looking at the DS920+, then started looking at some of the 2021 models. I saw the NASCompares review on the new DS1621 with AMD processor. I'm glad that I saw it before pulling the trigger, as it was mentioned that the AMD processor wouldn't be able to do the decoding for Plex, which I would like my NAS to be able to handle, although realistically I will probably end up using Apple TV or a Nvidia Shield instead. The DS1621xs is price prohibitive but has a Xeon processor, which would be great vs the Celeron in every other new model. I will need the new NAS to continue running the same number of cameras through Surveillance Station. I also want to seamlessly stream 4k video through Plex, but it's seeming less realistic the more I look into this. I do not want a rack mount unit and would like to stick with Synology. I wouldn't mind having the flexibility of running a VM or 2 also.
ZM Zmaninny asked on 14 April 2021, 00:21
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D-Link DWR-2101 Review - The AX1800 WiFi 6 5G SIM Router

D-Link DWR-2101 5G Wifi 6 Router Review - Too Good To Be True? Mobile routers are INCREDIBLY useful and on the face of it, the D-Link DWR-2101 WiFi 6 and 5G Network router is just insane! Whether you
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 13 April 2021, 23:35
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HDD Selection - DS1621xs+?

I just upgraded my NAS chassis to a Synology DS1621xs+ and now looking to fill it with 6x16TB HDD. I want to stay within the listed supported drives and the Toshiba model MG08ACA16TE I can get for significantly cheaper than the Synology and Seagate models. I can't find any bad press for these drives and as such think they would be no worse than the other drives, but for 40% less. Do you have an opinion either way?
PH Phillipmcmahon asked on 13 April 2021, 15:25
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Constant disk activity?

I decided to put a NAS in my home and spent several hours watching your videos on models, setup, applications and more. I can honestly say that I don't think there is a better source of information on the internet for anyone interested in NAS solutions. My sincere compliments. Actually, I've had a NAS (QNAP TS-251) running in my office (not set up by me). It's been working great as a simple server solution (using shared folders) for 4 years now and I decided to buy/install one for my home. Last week I got my QNAP TS-251D(4GB version) with two Seagate Iron Wolf 4TB (ST4000VN008) drives and did the RAID-1 setup based on your suggestions. One storage pool with 3 separate volumes, each with a shared folder. Setup was smooth, but since I'm working from home (as is nearly everyone...) I had to pause for about 10 hours before adding any data to the drives. The NAS is located just beneath my desk, and I noticed that the disks were active (noisy) for 30-40 seconds, then a 5-10 second pause, and then back to active. This continued incessantly, for the entire 10 hours of time I was doing other things on my pc without relenting. It didn't make sense, since the drives had finished formatting and there was no data. I had only added a few apps (based on your suggestions, Malware Remover, Security Counselor, QuFirewall). All the other apps were pre-installed. I couldn't understand why the disks were so active. I checked the resource monitor to view the ongoing processes and noticed that there were a large number of ZOMBIE processes running. By large number, I mean it ranged from the lows 10's to the low 100's (about 150 at one point). Made no sense, so I went to my office to verify the situation on my TS-251 (with two 1TB WD Red drives). The resource monitor there showed 1-5 zombie processes going on, but no more. So I opened a support ticket with QNAP and it took them a few days to respond. a) their first suggestion was to change my disks to compatible models (which shocked me since the Seagates I've got are meant for a NAS, and I basically bought them after watching one of your videos). I did check the QNAP compatibility list, and did discover that the specific model number of my Seagates is not listed, but nonetheless, should I spend another 200 quid to fix this problem ??? b) alternatively, they suggested I try downgrading my QTS. When first setting up my TS-251D, I did (as suggested by QNAP and also by you) an immediate firmware update (to version Funny enough, when checking the link their support sent me, the latest version for my QNAP showed as, and there is no sign of the version that my NAS automatically updated to. Since the idea of buying new drives (for a TEST) didn't appeal to me, I tried downgrading the QTS to see what impact it would have. The downgrade was successful. I don't get any pop-ups telling me that an update is available (which I find strange, since my previous upgrade was a higher number...). Anyway, there is basically no difference in terms of disk activity (constant). The zombie process count is now in the 10-20 range and I haven't seen it go higher (yet). c) they also suggested that I disable any scheduled scanning jobs, but I've only got Malware + AV jobs running at 2-3am respectively. No other jobs. d) their final suggestion of theirs was to remove one drive and see if anything changes. I'd love your advice before trying that. So after a long explanation, I'm hoping that you'll share your thoughts as to what you would do in my place. My office NAP is silent by comparison. Do you truly think that I must either get used to the disks being constantly active (and noisier than the WD’s in my TS-251), or spend another 200 to get drives that are on the TS-251D compatibility list ? Could there be any other causes for the disk activity (a defective device, or defective disk ?)
ST Stevel asked on 13 April 2021, 12:41
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How to Downgrade DSM 7.0 Beta to DSM 6 2 on your Synology NAS

Discuss: How to Downgrade DSM 7.0 Beta to DSM 6 2 on your Synology NAS
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 13 April 2021, 00:00
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Ts251 8gB in UK?

I’m having problems sourcing this in UK and wondering if anyone else has had the same? QNAP have one UK supplier shown for the model but that supplier (serversdirect) have taken the order but now cite an “ongoing problem” and cannot fulfil. QNAP in the UK are telling me that they don’t offer that model in the UK any more...yet still link to serversdirect as the UK supplier for the NAS, effectively endorsing them as being able to supply it to me in the UK....at least, that’s how it feels to me. It feels a bit shabby tbh.
BR Bruceb_uk asked on 12 April 2021, 12:25
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Hide Folders for Admin in Photo Station?

Hello and thanks in advanced, My question is as follows: for the QNPA Photo Station interface is there a setting to hide on the admin (me) specific folders. I have created a private folder for another user pictures and was able to upload them into photo station, however, I have not been able to hide all his photos from being available on my photo station. I can hide for the user but not for the admin. Or if there is a way to grant the other user access to the multimedia console and do photo station independently. Once more thanks in advanced. -I-IOJ3X
-I -i-i-oj3x asked on 12 April 2021, 03:38
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What is the Cheapest Synology NAS for Moments Photos that Works? - NFAQs

Discuss: What is the Cheapest Synology NAS for Moments Photos that Works? - NFAQs
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 11 April 2021, 00:00
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QNAP TL D400S Hardware Review

Discuss: QNAP TL D400S Hardware Review
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 10 April 2021, 00:00
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Best NAS for client/vm automated backup?

Hi there, I'am looking for a new nas for my SMB office (10-15 client pc, 2 phisical servers and 2 virtual machine). I'am a QNAP nas adopter with a first really satifatory experience with a TS-259 Pro (still working) and another one really worsth with a TS-453A who completly dead after less than 2 years of work. Now I'am looking for a better stable and upgradable solution for file sharing and centralized backup and I'am interested in Synology DS1621+ or QNAP TS-673A-8G. I like to try the newer ZFS filesystem proposed from QNAP but the Synology Active Backup for Business suite seems to offer more complete backup solution. So my questions: - There is a integrated baremetal backup solution for windows clients also for QNAP nas? Currently I'am using the QNAP NetBak Replicator for backup file folders from clients but the Synology suite seems to be most complete. - The Synology Active Backup for Business could backup also the free Esxi Hypervisor VM or only vSphere solution? - The ZFS filesystem offers some real advantages in the client/server backup procedures? Thank you for your time! Regards
TE Tecnorama asked on 09 April 2021, 21:37
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4 Ways to Upgrade & Speed up Your NAS

Discuss: 4 Ways to Upgrade & Speed up Your NAS
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 09 April 2021, 00:00
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DS920 POE Switch and Reolink Cameras?

I have a DS920+ with a Netgear GS108 v3 connected to the Lan2 Port - I am trying to run 2 x Reolink RLC-423-5MP and 1 x RLC-520 but neither camera connects - I am powering the cameras with 12v PSU's - Without 12v power, neither camera shows any infra-red response - If I connect the camera (powered) directly via RJ45 there is no difference - When an RJ45 is connected, the Network Status shows: 100Mbps, Full duplex, MTU 1500 - I have a Synology Router attached to LAN1. - Do I need to uprgade the switch, move the switch or something else? - Cheers Richard
RS Rsf asked on 08 April 2021, 13:07
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Annke AI Floodlight Outdoor IP Camera Hardware Review

Discuss: Annke AI Floodlight Outdoor IP Camera Hardware Review
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 08 April 2021, 00:00
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Asustor AiSecure Surveillance for NAS - Browser, Phone and HDMI Review

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NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 07 April 2021, 00:00
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DS418play memory upgrade?

I have a ds418play arriving soon and wish to upgrade ran soonest. Is this OK? Crucial CT8G4SFRA32A 8 GB (DDR4, 3200 MT/s, PC4-25600, SODIMM, 260-Pin) Memory, Green It seems different from what you recommend John
JO Joc asked on 06 April 2021, 17:02
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What is the best NAS for Backing Up?

Discuss: What is the best NAS for Backing Up?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 06 April 2021, 00:00
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10Gbs Network Speeds SMB?

Well this not acctually a question but rather a helpul tip for you guys out there trying to fix the speeds of your new 10Gbs network with Synology. I tried everything but never got over 2-3gbs (220/400 Mb/s). But at last i found a little setting hidden for changing to SMB3. And viola! I now get speeds of write 400mb/s read 800mb/s. Where it should be regarding to my hardware. So please see attached image where you can fix this setting. You´re welcome!
10Gbs Network Speeds SMB?
LO Louiebalko asked on 05 April 2021, 23:12
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Asustor AiMusic Phone App Review

Discuss: Asustor AiMusic Phone App Review
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 04 April 2021, 00:00
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