Best editing and backup for video and photos ?

Backup and editing photos and video
BI Bill asked on 10 June 2020, 10:09
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QNAP QXG 10GbE and QNAP QM2-2P 10 GbE MTU's ?

Can these NICs be configured to work with each other. They seem to have dissimilar MTUs?
JP Jperry01 asked on 06 June 2020, 01:53
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Synology DS220+ NAS Plex 4K, 1080p and 720p Tests (H.264 & HEVC)

Transcoding 4K Media on the DS220+ NAS Plex Media Server Transcoding on a NAS such as the DS220+ device is the ability for a multimedia file to be changed from it's existing format or codec to one th
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 04 June 2020, 19:45
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First time NAS recommendation?

My business partner and I are building a music studio and would like to have a server in order to efficiently work on multiple computers (we will have two different rooms, each with its own PC, but projects will need to be accessed in each room). While we will mainly be sharing project folders, we would also like to stream up to 4k video as well as share audio samples, photos, and other miscellaneous files. We’re curious which NAS would best fit our needs! Any help is greatly appreciated!
ST Stangoodwin asked on 03 June 2020, 20:58
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Upgrade quandry?

Currently have a Netgear ReadfyNAs NV+ V2 - Which replacement NAS shouldf I buy? Synology DS420J or the Netgear Ready Nas 214 Will be populating it with 4 x 4Tb Ironwolfs
RI Rickanthony asked on 03 June 2020, 10:51
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1U NAS selection?

I am considering moving from a desktop NAS (I currently have the Synology DS418play) to a 1U. Honestly, I only use my NAS as a file storage box. I know it has a lot of capabilities and app support, but I am not taking advantage of that... Requirements: 1U with 400mm depth limit, and 4 x 3.5" drives. Looking around, seems like my 2 options are the Synology DS819 or the QNAP TS-451DeU. Questions: 1. Am I missing any alternative? 2. Both those 1U NAS are priced at $599 in the US. Seems like technically the QNAP is better. Anyone compared those 2 NAS devices? 3. Should I decide to splurge and move to 2U (still with 400mm depth limit due to my rack) - what would be a better alternative to the above, keeping budget reasonable? (I could not see anything for less than $1200 which is exactly 2x the price...) Thanks!
ZA Zachik asked on 31 May 2020, 16:37
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Synology DS 1019+ and Time Machine?

After finding NAS Compares, I’ve Just got a DS 1019+, first thing I did was setup time machine backup from my 2013 MacBook Pro, followed the guides, Backup seems to Start ok, but when it gets above say 10gb, it fails and says I need to start a new backup, any ideas what’s wrong please ?
DA Davidjames1701 asked on 31 May 2020, 06:05
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Asustor 6404T?

Will this unit drive 4K out the HDMI port to a 4K TV, I store 4K video and want to watch the 4K on the TV
4K 4kman asked on 30 May 2020, 00:19
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New QGD-1602P Guardian NAS+Switch with 2.5Gbe, 5Gbe, 10Gbe and 8 Core CPU

Brand New QNAP QGD-1602P NAS+Switch Revealed for Autumn 2020 We are certainly seeing some rather killer hardware be revealed by QNAP NAS in the last couple of months. Their full 2020 portfolio of sto
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 29 May 2020, 19:05
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About to purchase NAS .. But confused about which model to buy.?

Hi there, I am thinking of buying a NAS. I've been watching many of the videos to get an idea of what I was getting into, and try to figure out which models is best for my need. But I must admit, I am super confused. I would want to use the Nas to store the video and photos currently stored in my PC. And to play it on Smart TV and Smartphone in my home network. Budget? I would say up to 1350£ I am holding on the purchase after reading this thread: I thought I could go for a 918+ (or 1019+ ?) or an equivalent from QNAP (is it the TS-453?) but I am no longer sure that these models will be able to play the videos I have. Many of the videos are from a GoPro in 4k. There should not be a need for transcoding on these videos. But I am also a few DVD I would like to transfer, and these would required subtitles (so transcoding?) Many thanks
GE Gerv93 asked on 29 May 2020, 10:00
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QNAP TS-230 NAS Hardware Review

QNAP TS-230 NAS - Is it worthy of your data? Owning a network-attached storage device used to be something only available to businesses and those with deep pockets. However, now the technolog
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 28 May 2020, 19:15
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Search indexing with Nas?

Ways to index files that are accessible to windows OS. Does QNAP or Synology have indexed shared folder or DAM server ( exif iptc xmp ...) ? Qsirch not work / available on my QNAP 231 !!
LI Lionel06 asked on 24 May 2020, 22:22
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Where is a solid NAS supporting SSD-Cache?

Hi there. I own 8 old ReadyNAS. All of them run perfectly and are flawless even after 10 years of use! 4 years ago I bought an Asustor AS5104t and upgrade it with SSD-Cache (2xWD RED 4TB + 2xWD blue 2,5" SSD 250GB). After 3 years the display stopped working. A year later I started the automatic operating system update. In result the update stopped after 30% of software download and connection failed. Since that time system can not be used any more and ends into hardware crash. Unbelievable! A software update ruins the hardware! By the way Japanese forums are full of same experiences! After that bad experience I searched for a solid system like ReadyNas. Unfortunately ReadyNas do not support form factor M.2 2280 for SSD-cache. So I bought Synology DS918+. Machine runs well but I do not trust the hardware. VERY poor case made by plastic. Do you have any idea which NAS will fit my need? Solid hardware and fast into storage. Best regards Winfried
WI Winfried asked on 24 May 2020, 10:22
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Where do Synology apps like Calendar store their data?

I have been slowly adding synology apps to my DS1019+ since putting it together back in March. I have been playing around with the idea of using the calendar that you have a review on your site. I don't use Hyperback but instead use a cloud service called IDrive backup which is inexpensive and has no issues backing up the data in named volume directories. I don't see anywhere in Synolgoy's documentation on how to protect calendars or shared calendars with backup. Can you point me in the right direction?
RO Ronv42 asked on 23 May 2020, 01:37
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Yet again WD Red 4TB FAX vs FRX?

Hi, I'm looking closely to Qnap TS-251D populated with a couple of WD Red 4TB HDD based on the following needs: - Family data storage solution (three persons with individual personal and professional data); - Multimedia storage and video player through HDMI to the living room TV; - Own cloud solution for on-the-move access. My choice for the WD Red was mainly driven by the lower noise level when compared with the Seagate Ironwolf, but considering my complete lack of experience, I'm not sure if that's a significant factor to consider in my case. Having this WD Red in mind, I've been following the CMR/SMR controversy and all the amazing NASCompares Youtube videos posted to test this novelty from WD. Even watching these videos, I'm still not sure if it pays to buy the new model (FAX), mainly because it is more expensive than the older model (FRX). Should I go for WD Red FAX, FRX or just go for Seagate (if the noise levels aren't that noticeable)?
QU Quad as asked on 22 May 2020, 21:52
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Synology DS920+ NAS Drive Hardware Review

The Synology DS920+ 4-Bay NAS Drive Hardware Review When the new Synology Diskstation series was revealed a few weeks ago, I think it was safe to say that it got peoples attention! The previous 18+ s
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 21 May 2020, 18:05
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QNAP TS-686 and TS-886 Xeon Powered Desktop NAS for Summer 2020

New QNAP TS-686 & TS-886 Business NAS Revealed When you think about business services, you will all too often think of giant rack-mount devices or huge server cabinets that occupied large areas
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 20 May 2020, 19:05
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Synology M2D20 NVMe Cache Card Revealed

Synology M2D20 NVMe SSD Card Coming Soon The last month or so has been an absolute landslide of new release information for Synology, generally a frightfully tight-lipped company. From the announceme
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 19 May 2020, 19:05
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To sync or symlink, that is the question...?

Hi everyone, here’s the photo setup I’m trying to accomplish in Moments: 2 separate personal accounts that store individual photos from before 2013 & a family account where all photos/videos since ‘13 are stored. I enabled the shared library, so I can be logged into my personal account and see my photos as well as our family shared photos. Both my wife and I are backing our iPhones up to the family account (Home>Family>Drive>Moments). The issue is that I have to do a manual copy from the Family account to the /Photos folder for the pics and videos to show up in the shared library. Taking all this into consideration, I’m wondering the best way to sync the Family Moments folder with the /Photo folder. Is it better to symlink the Family moments folder to the /Photo folder or create a script that runs nightly to copy its contents to /Photo? Ideally I would like to prevent duplicate copies (same photos in the Family Moments folder and the /Photo folder). Help please :D
SG Sgil asked on 18 May 2020, 14:50
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Media Sever DS218+ vs DS220+?

I am looking to buy a NAS to play movies on my TV and phone. Currently I have an Intel NUC hooked up to the TV - which is 1080p (looking to go 4k later this year) - via HDMI. Movies are stored locally on NUC. I was hoping the DS220+ would improve the decode/encode capabilities of the line up, but it seems the capabilities have decreased! Why is this? I'm baffled! I would like the ability to stream movies on the go to my GOOGLE Pixel 4XL, in addition to the TV. I'm not as worried about the TV as I can have the NUC decode the 4k files (that is correct, isn't it?), so the NAS won't be asked to do that work. But with streaming to the phone it likely will. Should I go for the DS218+?
TH Thisismyusername asked on 15 May 2020, 18:27
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