Which NAS for VM / Blind User?

Hi there, I've been really enjoying the site, and appreciate the help it's been giving people like me who are very much new to the world of NAS. I have a very niche question here that I'd love to get your expert advice on. I'm asking on behalf of a blind person, my dad, who runs a radio station. My situation is that currently I have a DS218. But now, this is not enough! The PC which hosts my dad's radio station, which has sat on my desk for the last 3 years, has finally given up the ghost. We like the idea of resurrecting the radio station, but this time running it as a VM on my always-on NAS. It needs to be a Windows VM because the radio station apps are Win only. More importantly, whichever NAS we choose, it absolutely must be able to handle the GUI aspects of the VM REALLY WELL: being blind, my dad uses JAWS screenreader software to navigate the GUI and use the radio software, so slowdown here would be a nightmare. So what we're looking for is a NAS that can handle this requirement. I will also be using the NAS for home/photos, and plan to slot my current 2 drives into it. So, getting to the point... Am I right about the following? - My current NAS, DS218, will not run the VM well - The DS920+, which looks like the next step up, won't run the VM particularly well either - The DS1261+ should run it all fine? Except 6 bays seems overkill for what will be 8TB of data at most! Just checking in case there is any new machine I should be looking at. Happy to consider QNAP options too. Budget of £1,000 including HDDs. Thanks so much for reading my question. :)

AM Amcfarl1 asked on 24 July 2021, 19:07
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