Which NAS?

Hi all, I have been researching which NAS to buy, I know I wasn’t a four bay. My use cases would be for my business but the NAS will be at my home. We have a very mixed use, normal files and documents like spreadsheets etc but also video and audio content that we edit. Two people work from my location and I would want to give access or share files with other team members outside the office. I’m tempted to go with a synology four bay but just not sure. Would need about 40-100tb. I have gigabit internet and ASUS AX8 router. I have looked at ASUSTOR and Synology. Added: budget would be around 500-1000 , but happy to invest in more for quality or reliability Sorry in advance for how boring this question might be for you all.

TH Theo_s asked on 23 May 2021, 15:35
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