What nas is for my situaction ?

Hy man, first of all thanks for your videos on youtube and yoyur forum, you are very good and explicative ! i don't know nothing about nas :D i'm studying nas from one week looking videos on youtube(...). i want a security storage for my files. now i'm using 3 different hard disk(2tb each), but im scared to lose files (break of hard disk) and i would like to have it in cloud without having to use just icloud or google drive, but i would like to have all my files in a place that i can have phisically with me, and also in the cloud...so i thought about buying a NAS. it will be used not just for me, but i hope that in the future it will be used for the medical clinic of my family, (i think it can be very userful also for them) so i was looking for something not basic (in italy we say "spend a lot 1 time, spend well"). so like i hope you understood,(for now) i need a Nas just for storage of files and backups (i ll still use my hard disk for backups), and by keeping it on I'm gonna find out more and more functions that we might need. i was looking on interent for some Nas, and i looked at one those two : - Synology DS920+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS (573€, about 674dollars) and - TerraMaster F4-422 4-Bay 10GbE (550€ about 588 dollars). that could be the choice . i repeat... i'm a noob so i'm sure you can help me about the decision (and giving me some advice about other Nas!!!) i just read that nas of Qnap are harder to handle, so i didnt looked for them. i saw your videos about Synology ds920+ and terramaster f4-422, and (with my ignorance), i understood that maybe terramaster is better for the 10gbe, but synology is better for the processor (???) i don't know, i will do everything you will recommend me :) thanks for your answer, thanks for this forum and for everything have a good life and greetings from Italy (sorry for my english, i hope you can understand my question)

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 25 March 2021, 20:50
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TerraMaster is a cheap NAS. People choose them in order to install third-party apps.

Qnap allows and sometimes demands more configuration. But it is a good NAS.

Synology is probably the best choice for first-time buyers. It is easy to set up and use. Their software is very reliable and they make very good mobile apps.

DS920+ can do much more than simple file storage. This is their best desktop in the 1GbE range. DS420+ would perform very similar and be cheaper.

The 10GbE connection would require CAT6 cabling and a port on your computer. Maybe this is not something that you need yet.

I hope this helps.