Wd Red vs Seagate Ironwolf for Synology 220+?

Given all the great advice you have given over the years, I am about to buy my first "real" NAS, the Synology DS220+. My question is: should I buy WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf for the Synology? I was originally thinking that a pair of 6TB would be good for what I need the NAS to do, but with the WD SMR/CMR issue, I'm now looking at 8TB drives to eliminate that issue. Please can you give guidance on whether the 7200RPM Seagates are more reliable than the 5400RPM WDs? Do they make more noise (the DS220+ will be next to my router in the living room)? Use more power? For backup and media server, any differences? Any guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

TO Toeinnas asked on 19 July 2020, 20:34
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Thanks @Brannonb for sharing your advice and your experience with the drives, but I thought that SMR is only in the Red 2-6TB, i.e. Red 8Tb and above are CMR, and all Red Pro drives are CMR. See this link. The table at that link comes from an article extolling the fact that WD finally came clean. Once again, many thanks.

Brannonb 16 p.
Answered 11 months ago (Edited 11 months ago)

Please remeber that even the 8tb/10/12/14tb are SMR. WD has not came out and admitted this but sorta did. I have a writeup of my 10tb WD white label drive from a easystore, I shucked it put in my raid and all hell broke lose. The 10tb could not keep up with older drive cmr. Kept stalling. https://rootshell.host/2020/04/19/western-digital-drives-the-fact-behind-the-fiction-vol1/

Also. I would prefer to go with a 5400 cmr drive if possible. If your gonna go seagate, go HGST and go big..

Edit: Unless you got about 4 drives, I dont think sound will be an issue. I got 4disk bay 918+ and hardly here it moving data!!!!