Wd as a plex server?

Hi i watched a few of your videos on YouTube and it seems like you never recommend Western Digital im thinking of buying the WD my cloud home 4Tb, maybe the Duo version of that for having it as my plex server and from what i can tell it can handle up to 1080p transcoding (hardware+software) and thats more then enough for me (im not interested in 4k streaming) so do you think its a good buy or not ? aka is it good as a plex server ? and if you ever answer this msg i wanna ask you another technical question if i may .... i have a mesh network (tp deco m4, four of them) connect to a 5g router Q1: if i connect my plex server to the 5G router does it give a direct connection to my tv that is connect it to the mesh network ? Q2: if i connect my plex server to the mesh main router, will i get the same experience for remote play as if i was connecting it the 5G router ? thanks Adel

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 26 March 2021, 22:25
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Yes, WD PR series NAS can handle 1080p easily. You can transcode if the receiving device needs a converted video.

WD is less recommended because it is not as feature-rich as Synology or Qnap. But it does a good job of the things it offers.

Regards connecting everything. You should only connect your mesh to the 5G router directly. This is your access point to the internet. Everything else needs to be connected to your switch/mesh. You can then see files locally and connect remotely.

If you wonder if there is a difference in performance if you connect directly to a 5G then only if your 5G speeds are faster than 1Gbit. In this case, Ethernet on your mesh is slower than 5G. Which is unlikely in the real world.

I hope this helps.