Upgrade NAS/Upgrade Storage/Expansion Drive?

Hi, I currently have a Synology 918+ with 4 8TB drives in them. I am running an SHR-2 so my total capacity is about 14 TB. I have a pretty big media server these days and it's constantly getting updated with new content. I also use the NAS for surveillance station which has about 4 cameras feeding into it and keeping storage for ~7 days. Problem Statement: My problem is that I am running out of storage space quickly. As of today I have about 750GB left. I do not want the risk of losing a lot of my data (movies, videos, files) because it would be very hard to get back so, I like the SHR-2 approve since it's a 2 disk failover. I run about 5 docker containers on it as well. I have researched upgrading the NAS but noticed that not as many of the 6 bay NAS units support transcoding like the 918+. I share my media server with a bunch of friends / family so I try to support multiple devices to avoid transcoding and allow direct play. Most content I'm converting using ffmpeg.

IN Indian9990 asked on 16 October 2020, 21:25
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