Upgrade from TS212P?

Hi. I'm after a little advice re: my next NAS please. I currently have a QNAP TS212P with 2x 3TB WD Red drives. It's been running about 4years and work fine for what I've wanted it to. We use the photo auto-back up from 2x Samsungs phones, general home storage(docs/scans/finances etc) and multimedia storage for Sonos, iTunes and, most importantly, Plex. I cuurently run a server on a PC but would be interested in moving this off to the NAS, progressing to 4k/UHD films across the network. I'm deeply out of space so looking at 24tb in raid5 config(18tb workable). I already have 2x 6TB WD Black drives from a previous project I could use but am open to new WD Red if necessary. The NAS is situated in a home office and in a wired network. Network Map: Virgin Fibre modem->ASUS Wifi router(AC88U)->Netgear Switch(GS308)->NAS). All the content has been backed up to an external drive ready to move to a new system so I'm not tied to QNAP although I do know and like the brand. I would like to start experimenting with VMs and doing more with a NAS, and am interested in having a NAS for the future, not just "for now". All the NAS units I've looked at so far are 1 0r 2+ years old. Can't see me investing in 10GbE just yet, not sure if i need USB-C connectivity, there'll always be a PC wired to the network. This might be more info than you need but I'd appreciate your opinion. Thanks, Richard.

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 04 April 2020, 11:10
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Yes, QNAP is delaying product replacements due to the global situation. But they did manage to release ts-251d. It is an extraordinary piece of kit featuring all the latest technology. And you would still have an option to upgrade it later to 10gbe if you wanted to.

I hope this helps.