Terramaster NAS F5-221 NAS 5-Bay?

So I currently am running a Seagate Blackamor 4-Bay 16 TB NAS on my home network. I have this set up in a Raid-0 configuration. As a result, as you know I have no backup capability. So I am looking at purchasing the TerraMaster F4-210 because of its affordability and expandability. What I am wondering is can I start off with just one HDD in it? I'd like to start with just one 16TB drive, for now, to give me a backup for what I currently have. And then in the future expand this to 64 TB w. 4 x 16TB drives. My thought is to make what I currently have into 2 - 4TB = 8 TB using the other two drives as mirrors of the main two and the same with this new TerraMaster. I would like to expand it at the same time into a 32 TB system with two drives x 16TB and then two more drives as mirrors of those main two. I need to research the RAID configurations more as I am not that familiar with them but I am pretty confident that this is possible. But doing this in stages of affordability is where I am at, and is why I am wondering if I can get away with one drive in it for now?

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 18 March 2021, 17:25
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Yes, you can start with a single drive and then migrate to RAID1 and other RAID types as you add more drives.

Supported RAID Types Single, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID5, RAID 6, RAID 10

Volume Expansion with Larger HDDs RAID 1, RAID5, RAID 6, RAID10

Volume Expansion by Adding an HDD RAID5, RAID6 RAID

Migration √

Here is more info about RAID :



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