Technical problems with WD RED PLUS and QNAP TS-453D?

Hi! I am writing to you because I have some problems with my NAS hdd drives and NAS server. I bought QNAP TS-453D with 8GB RAM memory and two WD RED hdd WD40EFRX for home environment. Unfortunately I have two problems with this setup. First, NAS server fan is very loud. It's not about fan speed (it's about 800 RPM, so it's minimum speed), but about fan noise. It's generating chirping noises probably from bearing. I don't know if it is technical issue and fan is damaged or it is just its characteristic (like a very cheap fan). Second problem is associated with hard drives. When in the idle, drives are very quiet but in write/read state they are horribly loud. They're making knocking, clicking sounds with fast, continous and regular frequency through all the time of the writing/reading action. This sound appears even when I open QTS system. NAS server is located in my living room (in ventilated cabinet) and its noise is audible in whole flat. I tried to isolate server housing by adding rubber footers and even install hard disk without plastic drive mount, but with no effects. All of this issues you can see on clips below: Fan issue: Hard drives issues: Please remember sounds were recorded with smartphone so in real life they are much louder. I will be very grateful for some help. Best regards, Michał

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 23 March 2021, 00:50
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Yes, mechanical drives do generate a fair amount of noise. Having SSD would eliminate the sound. Or a mixture of both. SSD for systems and hot data and HDDs for archives.

Regards the fans you can get a Silent fan like this one for Synology

They also make some for Qnaps.

I hope this helps.