HI, I would like a recommendation based on my use case. I have files, photos, videos. I want to centralize my info and want to have a reliable nas. I have read and watched the videos, but still, anytime I go to try the QNAP live platform - is slower than synology. probably less responsive and with a bunch of glitches. So, just wondering what is your recommendation ? get synology ? I want a flexible NAS, but also a stable one. been looking at 253+ 453+ and 420+ / 720+ 920+ from synology. I don't want to have stability issues, or glitches with programs. I use Alexa, Mac's and love the flexibility to have everything around me ( meaning files ) Also, use FIRETV, roku, I hope to transfer my home videos to the NAS using PLEX as a server. Also use Apple TV, thanks for your recomendation Current router has 2.5 port ( ax86u) Asus. which I am thinking for using for my NAS. Dilemma = most synology have 1gig port, some If I use this router I will need to use port aggression for the Asus. SO, I am not sure either what's best having a router with 2.5 port or having 8 ports of 1gig and using the port aggregation / or adding a 2.5 switch to my NAS. Having the router with a 2.5 lan gives me the advantage of connecting the internet (xfinity and getting > 1200bps) but, I will be limited on the other lan ports for 1gig Thanks for your recomnedaiton Francisco ** intend to use 2 x 8 TB drives and later expand

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 24 March 2021, 18:05
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Both Qnap and Synology are stable platforms. Other brands have very poor apps available.

Qnap 53D series come with 2.5Gbit LAN ports, this would be beneficial in your setup.

Synology supports load balancing. But this does not increase the overall speed per user. It gives two users a full gigabit connection that is not shared.

You can install Plex on all of these NAS. If you have compatible TVs you can stream all of the videos. Otherwise, it supports 1080p transcoding in Plex and 4K on the Video station.

I hope this helps.