Synology Ethernet/Internet sharing via aditional LAN?

How to Set Up Synology in the way i want. For instance; My model 1621s+ I want to connect an Ethernet cable from my router to my Synology, and then I would like to take another Ethernet cable and connect it to my PC from that Synology NAS to continue sharing the internet. In simple words: Home Router -> Synology NAS-> to PC in order to have both internet and direct connection between my PC and NAS. How to use NAS to get the Internet to my PC with using an additional switch?

AD Admin asked on 26 April 2021, 10:22
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Synology do not work as a switch. You can only

-Link aggregate two LAN ports,

-enable Load ballancing or

-have a secondary LAN as a failover option.

Only Qnap allows virtual switch that allow you to connect other computer to a NAS and get the internet passed through a NAS.

You can get a cheap $10 Gigabit switch. The cable you want to connect to your NAS - first connect to this switch. Then you can connect a NAS and a computer to this switch.