Status Red Light Blinks - Every couple seconds - TS653B?

Status Red Lamp blinks even after ejecting all 6 drives. Fans? Mainboard? The NAS is getting close to full, but not full. At least 1TB of space remains at last check. The 6-bays configured: 1-4 6TB x 4 = 24TB, RAID5 (18TB usable) 5-6 10TB x2 = 20TB, RAID0 (20TB usable, striping, backup for 1-4 RAID5 array) I have ejected all 6 disks but the TS-653B still blinks with Status red lamp. So, this leads me to think, (a) the fans are bad, or (b) the unit's mainboard is bad. I have had the device for a couple of years now and up until yestereday I was able to use it normally. I have power set to automatically shutdown the NAS every evening at 2400 until whenever I decide to turn it on the following day, being the only user. Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. Jerry Tokyo, Japan

TO Tokyojerry asked on 08 July 2020, 00:03
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It happened for me also, 3 months after the warranty expired. I suspect that the CPUs used in the TS-653B had a problem that should have been fixed with a BIOS upgrade, but I've never got notified from QNAP that I should proceed with this offline operation. Probably the CPUs will not crash unless the usage pattern of the device is somehow special..

If you google for it (try webarchive), you might still find in the initial Product Change Notification (PCN117143-00) from Intel, that it was stated:

Summary of Changes from B-1 to F-1 Stepping:

Intel identified an issue with the Low Pin Count (LPC), Real Time Clock (RTC), SD Card interfaces on Intel®

Celeron® N3350, J3355, J3455 processors and Intel® Pentium® N4200 processor resulting in degradation of these

signals at a rate higher than Intel's quality goals after multiple years in service.

For a comprehensive list of changes, refer to these documents:

• Intel Apollo Lake / Apollo Lake - I Dashboard - Lite (RDC# 573991)

• Intel Pentium® Processor N4200 and Celeron® Processors J3355, J3455 & N3350 Specification update

Addendum - NDA (RDC# 601134)

Have you used on your NAS applications that used the CPU intensively? I'm asking because my NAS was running services in docker and virtual machines, keeping the CPU usage most of the time at maximum. 

If you find a source, I'm interested also in a replacement of the MB of my old 653B, I've spend some weeks/months looking on ebay for it, but no luck.

In the meantime I've bought the new model TS-653D but with 3 years warranty and I've bought extra 2 years from the retailer (QNAP is asking an enormous amount of money for their +2 year warranty expansion). I will try to push this unit to the limit, at least to crash it while it's still in the warranty.