Selecting a Snap Switch?

I would like to add a network switch to my SMB system. My system starts with a Ubiquiti Amplifi router, then a QNAP T453BE, 2-3 Apple computers, 1 Windows computer, laser printer, 3-d printer, a number of computer connected USB devices (ScanSnap, CZUR scanner, drives that haven't made it to convergence with the NAS, etc), camera to be added eventually. The network lives in my small office, 3 desks and maybe 18 x 20 feet. Noise is an issue. So far I have been connecting through the router with cat 5 cables. But we outgrew that this week. Any QNAP Switch Recommendations? I've watched the NAS compares videos but they pretty much told me that there is a bigger world out there than I know how to deal with.

IN Inigokdon asked on 04 March 2021, 02:40
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