RAM upgrade?

Thanks for the RAM upgrade article. EXCELLENT! I have a DS720+ Just bought Crucial 16GB Single DDR4 2666 MT/s (PC4-21300) DR X8 SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT16G4SFD8266 as recommended. I should have it in a week. Then I watched your video and saw you pairing 2 x8GB modules. Is it ok for me to install this 16GB module and keep the original 2GB ram in the unit or do I have to replace the 2GB with 16GB or will it not work and I need 2x16GB or 2x8GB modules to make it work. Thanks

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 26 March 2021, 01:50
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Yes, you can keep the original RAM (I think it was soldered anyway) and add an additional stick.

Make sure you set up your NAS and get firmware updates before you upgrade though.

I hope this helps.