QNAP TS-453Be to Synology DS920+ ?

Good Morning I have been watching your videos and bought my first NAS 3 years ago but now its giving problems by turning of and rebooting by itself every 2 hours. it has become very annoying. That NAS is a QNAP TS-453Be. I have been running it for mostly Plex and storing pictures. I have 1 TB of movies (400 movies approx.) and 3500 photos stored on the 4 drives in that QNAP NAS. Modification to the QNAP NAS (8GB of DDR memory, 2 500 GB NVMe SSD on PCI port.) My Qnap is currently now working properly and I would like to switch to a Synology DS 920+. I don't want to lose my 1 TB of data of movies and photos but I would like to purchase the DS920 4bay NAS or QNAP TS-451D2 4bay. I basically use my NAS for Plex and storing photos. My question is how and I purchase a new NAS set it up and not lose my data that I have from my previous NAS (TS-453Be)? Please help Thank you in advance. @1brownmaa

1B 1brownmaa asked on 25 October 2021, 01:02
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Are you buying NEW drives to put into your new NAS or keeping your 3yr old drives to re-use?

If you are trying to keep your existing drives, I would

  • Purchase a 2TB drive $45.00usd and add to a PC or Mac. Then copy your 1TB of movies / photos from your QNAP to the single drive. Once your data has been copied, pull your drives and add them to your new (Synology) NAS :) .... Set up the new NAS, build your array and copy your 1TB of data to the new NAS.

  • Option 2

    Purchase 4 new drives with your new Synology :) , I like Synology ,

    and copy your 1TB of data across the network to the new NAS.