Qnap backup unit to existing Qnap NAS?

I am planning on buying the Qnap 1288 or 1688 unit with a lot of storage, but want a Qnap backup unit, so am wondering how much storage that should have and which unit to buy.

BE Bennyhansen asked on 27 August 2021, 14:46
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Hi Benny, I would recommend you looking at having a similar amount of storage in the backup unit as you do with your primary NAS. Clearly you won't be filling the NAS full of data to start with but also you don't want to run out. If you are looking at getting the h1288/1688X, I would highly recommend another NAS that can support 10Gb (Most desktops have a PCIe slot now if they don't come with 10Gb as standard) just to help with performance when backing up your data. Thanks :)