QNAP 253D?

Hi Robbie I was referred to you by a guy from QNAP yesterday. I want to buy a NAS but don't have a huge budget. I asked him about the expansion capabilities of the QNAP x53D series and he suggested that I talk to you as the more informed NAS expert. I am a new YouTuber and want to eventually edit on FCP from a NAS, but can't afford a Thunderbolt machine. The guy from QNAP was unsure if it's possible to update the X53D series to 10GB. I'd really appreciate your help. If you are available on the phone, I could talk on the phone, if that's easier for you. My number is 07525161198. Many thanks in advance. Victor

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 26 March 2021, 14:25
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Yes, you could use 53D series for video editing if you install 10GbE card on a NAS and your PC (even 5GbE would be fast enough).

But if you had TS-453D with 2 drives inside, this would allow you to add extra drives later on. But you can also connect expansion boxes via USB if you need more storage space on this NAS.

Celeron based models are good options for 1-2 video editors.

I hope this helps.