Purchasing question?

I am an event photographer with a limited budget. I am in the process of upgrading my hardware and software for an easier more efficient workflow. I'm on a 27"iMac 2020 and moving to Big Sur. I use BackBlaze for cloud backup and DriveDx to monitor my drives. I've consolidated all data onto two 20tb T3 G-Drives one for family and one for clients. I am now looking for an additional two 20tb or one 40tb DAS T3 drive/s to daisy chain with them. I intend to use GoodSync to backup onto these new drives, or drive, then use the new faster drives as my main drives. Since I have both physical and cloud backup I'd like to use the DAS as RAID0. I am at a loss regarding what to purchase and would very much value your opinion. Thank you

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 18 March 2021, 03:15
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If you do not have a 10GbE network available yet, then I would recommend Thunderbolt NAS such as TVS-872XT (4 and 6 bays also available). You can start with just a few drives and add more drives when needed. You can also create two RAIDs and several volumes to keep things separate.

You can connect your DAS boxes directly to your NAS or use the Sync app to synchronise those files with a NAS. You can then automate Backblaze backups from the NAS.

Choosing RAID0 is not the safest way but certainly the fastest. You can also use NVMe slots for fast storage if not caching.

I hope this helps.