Need help buying a NAS?

I am Having a little difficulty choosing a NAS. My use cases are for For backups, Business file services, surveillance, downloading hard copy movies to NAS for plex, and scanning personal pictures and photographs. I live in Canada Ontario if that helps you with your search. The file services portion is the most important however we still want a NAS that can consistently do the other things. our budget like listed above is $800 CAD to $1400 CAD $1500 CAD being ABSOLOUTE max. this price is not including the price of the drives as we will slowly build up the # of drives. I really hope you can help just like your videos helped me choose out our first NAS. BTW we need anywhere from 6-8 drive bays Thanks, Konrad

KO Konrad asked on 02 December 2020, 17:59
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Drives and capacity is the first question you need to answer for yourself based on your budget. How many drive bays? What RAID (how safe do you want to be?) After you answer the drive question then you can consider which NAS. Good luck. FYI I just bought great deal on a TS 453D 4G for $550. This would fit into you budget.