NAS Recommendation?

Hi, Hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I’m a part time photographer and also getting into video. I’m using a Seagate 5tb hard drive and getting to the point of filing it up-mostly all photos with some video although I do hope to start doing more video. I have had Dobos and have a 5N but now that I haven’t hooked back up simply because I made the mistake of using part of it as back up for Time Machine and now I’m using a windows machine. I’m looking at the Synology since I have a friend who swears by them and tells me to get rid of the Drobo. I’ve just had time to go through all my pictures and organize them properly with all this time at home lately and want to move forward with a solid platform. It would be nice to be able to have multiple computers access as well as possibly stream videos to a tv at some point. Cheers! Robert

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 02 April 2020, 20:05
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Yes, Synology has released some very innovative models last year. And DS918+ has been top-selling for a long time. They also made the same spec model DS1019+ with one extra bay. But if plan on editing 4K videos it will require quite a lot of bandwidth. Something with a PCIe slot would be a better fit. DS1618+ is up-gradable to 10GbE or You can connect it to MAC with a Thunderbolt to 10G adapter directly. DS3018xs would be something to look at when the editor team grows bigger. But that's something for the future.

I hope this helps.