NAS for videographer?

Dear Nas Compares, I'm a self-employed videographer. I now have a large collection of external drives with different projects on. I no longer have a desktop machine (I use a macbook pro for video editing). I'd like to get a reliable system to host all my video projects for archiving. I wouldn't necessarily work off of this as I have some USB-c SSD drives which are pretty quick and portable for working on the go. I just need somewhere to host things safely (I can't afford to lose anything). Another bonus would be if I could host things like dropbox and myitunes library on the device and access these things remotely on my macbook. I was thinking about a synology 8 bay, with some pro drives loaded in to give me around 20tb, as I understand it you can add an expansion unit to give you more space in the future. Am I on the right track? I'd like to order this week so if you are able to respond soon that would be great. Many thinks, Owen

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 28 March 2021, 12:20
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