NAS for photos and music (and more?)?

I'm thinking of buying a NAS. Switching from a 12TB external HDD, so I'm looking at a 4-Bay NAS, initially with 2x14B drives. One of the uses will be a local Google Photos alternative for multiple users (max about 8-10 I think). With the current QNAP security issues I'm leaning towards Synology (also because of SHR). All the nas comparison items are great, but it still doesn't give me a feel of how capable a certain processor/memory combo is. So my main questions are: 1. Would the DS420+ be capable enough for having (at times) 3 simultaneous users on Synology Photos (probably with the mobile app)? Or is the better CPU in the DS920+ really that much better? 2. Do people think it's wise to wait and see if and what 2022 models will be available? 3. Is the QNAP hardware so much better/faster that I should really take a better look at it? Thanks for your input!

PL Platonius asked on 20 January 2022, 13:01
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