NAS for Apple Photos replacement, currently using Dropbox?

Hi, I watched a lot of NasCompare videos already and thankfully most of them really in depth like no one else. Some things like the GUI of Synology moments, Synology photos and Qumagie was very helpful. Thank you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although all that video, I still feel I need to ask for advice. My case is similar like most of your viewer do, but I'm in torn between Synology and Qnap. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My case: I'm looking for a place to store my phone camera photos and videos (iPhone X). Mostly take a lot of photos here and there, short videos, screen recording, screenshots when found interesting content. Because I do digital marketing service, so I usually keep them as reference for my future content. These day apple photos feature helped me a lot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But due to limited space on my phone 256GB which fully used in 2 year, I subscribed dropbox to keep backup all my camera upload and to allow me to delete less accessed content. But this lead to another problem: - Dropbox cannot categorize it at all (except business plan), putting everything in a folder (more than 15000 files in it now, I cant even count it because the browse is having trouble selecting it all) - Accessing my camera upload in dropbox is really slow - due to the number of files in camera upload, the scroll never end and it so stressing to browse to even try to manually categorize it - currently used only 220GB in dropbox ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hesitate using Google and apple due the company is keeping to many things and have interest in AI. So I prefer not to use them to keep everything. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How big storage I need: - contains 120GB of camera files a year - migrate from dropbox file (200GB) - connect an old 3 TB HDD that I used in my PC (full of files like video) to the NAS, so I can access anytime (WD Red 3TB 2014) - move 1TB of files from my portable HDD (WD My Passport 4TB 2020) Is it possible to extract my Passport 4TB as one of the storage and buy another WD Red 4TB? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beside that, I have several other storage that would like your suggestion whether to connect it to the NAS or keep it portable: - 512GB M.2 2280 SSD (Team brand - currently in external SSD enclosure) - 240GB M.2 (Transcend Jetdrive was for Macbook Air internal SSD) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature I need: - Live photos - photo map location to look photo I took on some place - photo categorization (screenshot, screen recording) - people identification - separate gallery access for several user (will be sharing with my brother, but dont want to get the gallery mixed) - backup from phone like dropbox - offsite backup for select folders (synology hyperbackup) - drive encryption or partition encryption like veracrypt - remote shutdown (WD My home cant do this even physically), because electricity can be shutdown for hours sometime in my town - separate folder for photos from different phone and camera - HEIC to keep the same quality from phone to storage (is it the case?) - subject identification ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My question: A. what NAS do you suggest for the case above? B. In Synology website, only select models can do "Synology Moments", beside facial and subject recognition, can you explain more about it? C. if we use hyperbackup, do we can still browse the file inside from synology moments? D. What Raid do you suggest? E. I have been offered by DS412+ (USD 208) DS718+ (USD360), does it suit my need? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking toward NASCompare videos, I actually prefer Synology, but the new synology moment made me hesitate due to the lack of maps view. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you and look forward for the advice

OR Organicdata asked on 26 August 2021, 09:03
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