My first NAS?

Hello! Thank you for all your NAS analysis! I am a Mac using freelance designer planing to get into video editing. I currently have 8 or so external drives from 1-5TB each, most of which are plugged into a hub plugged directly into a laptop. They are getting full and I am having to spread projects over more than one drive. I have also introduced a 2nd laptop into my workflow. I have been watching several of your videos and I think I have narrowed down my choice to the Synology DS1621+ but upgraded to the nines with RAM, Lan ports, and drives. I am keen to take advantage of supporting my video editing with a 10gbe port, but I am also a fan of the SHR for growth. RAM: I was planning to buy Synology RAM upgrades to not void the warranty. To confirm I will be getting: 2 D4ECSO-2666-16G Lan Ports: I was looking at the lan port options on Synology and wondered if I should get the 2 port card since I have two laptops. Also, if I’m buying 10gbe now, should I just go on and get the 25gbe now or is that overbuying? Drives: For drives, I don’t think they need to be Synology, except maybe the 2 NVMe SSDs. I am tempted to just go with sinology for all add ons because it’s simpler, but I am curious are there better drives to use?

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 23 March 2021, 18:55
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Yes, Synology is simple to set up and use. But if you are the only editor and have a Thunderbolt port on your editing machine then maybe Qnap TVS-872XT would be an option too. You can connect it directly without a switch. You can also connect Synology direct via 10GbE, just need to do an extra step with IP config (also need 10g on a computer).

DS1621+ would allow mixing different size drives, but you can also start with fewer drives (bigger in size) and leave a few bays empty for storage increase later on.

Adding more RAM will not speed up video editing. This is something you need if you also run other apps like Plex, VMs and servers.

Adding cache though will help a lot. You do not need Synology M.2, any SSD will work. I prefer Samsung EVO M.2.

If you had multiple 4K editors then DS1621xs+ would be already a better choice.

I hope this helps.