I think I need an 8 - 12 bay NAS (Asustore v. Synology?)?

I'm pretty sure I don't want to deal with the following: Qnap, 15+ External HDDs, Someone else's mail server. I'm unable to find current info on Asustor Lockerstor 10 but am VERY interested in this from a features view perspective. I have had no luck with dealing with Asus directly; their links to 'dealers' turns up 2 out 3 have no listing for the current version and the 3rd requires opening an account to get any info. It would be useful see some sort of review on the current 10 bay model (AS7110T) including any 'where to buy'. At this point, I am looking at a history of dealing with only mother boards and routers over the last 30+ years. I real need some concrete specs and opinions on why I should get this over a DS1821+. Their is also the question of the relative prices of Asustor Lockerstor 10 (AS7110T) vs. (AS6510T)

J J asked on 28 November 2021, 17:15
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