First NAS for plex, 1 camera surveillance, and alternative to one drive. ?

Hi, Looking for some advice on my first NAS for the items mentioned in the title, I was thinking of the DS220+, all plex use will be local and probably be in 1080 as opposed to 4K, but I do have an nvidia shield tv pro so could this take the pressure off the NAS if I want 4K streaming in the future?

TO Tom asked on 11 January 2021, 19:48
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Yes, this true. If you use your Nvidia ShieldTV as a player then NAS works as a storage space rather than a Plex server. All heavy converting will be done on the player itself. Plus series NAS is a future-proof option. Whenever it gets too slow you can add more RAM. You will also have no limits on what apps you can install unlike with value series models.