First NAS as a Video Professional: for Back-up and File Sharing?

Hi @nas ! I'm an animation and video freelancer, and I'm curious to get a 2-bay NAS so that: 1. 2 separate laptops can each have their own more robust and automatic back-up in a centralized location. 2. 2 separate laptops can access and share work files on the NAS I'm looking at 3 options: 1. Just buy a Hard drive and back-up my laptop every so often (but this doesnt solve problem 2) 2. Buy the Synology DS220J as a more affordable entry-level NAS - From a price point, this is attractive. Will the performance be an issue? My main uses for the NAS will just be Back-up and File Sharing. We probably wont be working on files Directly on the NAS (though that would be nice too, is that only possible on the 220+?) 3. Spring for the extra cash and go with the DS220+ - This is probably my cap in terms of price for now. Is there much difference between the 220+ and the 220J if my concerns are just back-up, file sharing, and file access?

CA Carlgraham_ asked on 05 January 2021, 16:49
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