DS 920+ or TS-453D?

Hello I currently have a DS414 that I want to replace. I hesitate between the DS 920+ and the TS-453D, I want to keep my disks (4X WD Red 4TB WD40EFRX). The Qnap seems better equipped: - 2.5 Gbps vs 1 Gbps network - 1 pci-express port vs 0 - Max ram 32 GB vs 20 GB For the Os I know DSM well and like it (simple and stable). QTS looks better provided in settings which I like but is it also stable? The 2.5 Gbps network interests me even if it requires some modifications (compatible switch and router) and makes me prefer QNAP. I wonder if my hard drives allow me to take advantage of this speed? What do you think ? thank you in advance

KI Kilroy83 asked on 03 December 2020, 08:31
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