Disk upgrade after 3 years: what's better?

Current disks: 2x WD Red 4TB WD40EFRX Bought in January 2018 for £117 each. Observations: 1) things have not got cheaper since then, have they? 2) it's hard to find 5400 rpm drives now 3) it's hard to find full spec sheets. I don't want to increase noise and power consumption by much but I can't find numbers for either my old drives or prospective new ones. Nor can I find out the number of platters to judge heat output. My NAS box is really a fanless Linux desktop PC (in a weird silent case). Hence only 2 bays, and I run them in RAID 1. Considering 2 options: a) 12TB or more, and hope noise and heat aren't too much worse. b) 8TB in the hope of finding a cool and quiet drive. Thoughts most welcome! Thanks!

RO Robthedatahoarder asked on 06 June 2021, 11:39
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