DAS 4 to 6 bay recommendation?

Hi there! I am looking for a recommendation for a DAS, 4, 5 or 6 bay. I plan to load it up with 12TB Ironwolf drives and connect it to my Window 10 laptop "server", probably in RAID 5. I will use it for Plex and for backups. I will connect it using USB C 3.1. Of course reliability is the most important concern. I think, based on some of your reviews, I would like hardware RAID. I assume that helps with reliability. I won't want to have to worry if I rebuild my OS. I am not really interested in a NAS. I want more control over the OS that my disk is connected to. If it was a 6 bay, I might do two 3-disk RAID 5 volumes because that would allow me to move data between the drives should I want or need to rebuild a volume. I have been looking at Yotamaster FS5C3 but I am a bit scared that it does not look to be mainstream. I am looking for advice, and any help will be appreciated!!

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 21 March 2021, 22:30
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I would recommend Thunderbolt/USB C 3.1 gen 2 boxes from Pegasus, Buffalo, Areca. These brands offer hardware RAID that speeds up the data transfer speeds and also is more reliable.

Here are a few models listed:



I hope this helps.