Can I transcode a 1080p ProRes LT .mov file to 1080p (h264) .mp4 with Qnap?

I've chosen the QNAP TVS-872XT for a variety of reasons but I have couple of questions I can't find an answer to... Maybe you can help? 1. Video Transcoding: Can I transcode a 1080p ProRes LT .mov file to 1080p (h264) .mp4 with that NAS? And will I be able to automate the process from a portable HDD in the front "USB copy" port? (the reason I'm unsure is because I read you can only transcode down resolution ie from 4K to 1080 but I'm uncertain about 1080 to 1080)

NC Nc enquiries asked on 13 March 2020, 13:18
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Yes, you can sure automate any video transcoding into MPEG-4 format - including MOV files. You can also choose what resolutions you want Qnap to generate. That includes File Original resolution, 1080p / 720p/ 480p / 360p / 240p .

You can set this up under Multimedia Console/ transcoding / Settings .

By clicking add ,you can select which folders need to be scanned and if new files found - transcoded.

You will then Find a new sub folder called @Transcode where all new files will be located.