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First I love your content. it's kept my super entertained for the past 4 days. I looked on your site for a store so i could support the channel but unfortunately no merch. If you send me a referral link i'll use it or purchase from whatever retailer you have a relationship with. about me: always been a bit of a techy. took an intensive course and just my A+ , not because I wanted a job but because i liked it. What i want: I essentially want a server but i don't know if i should or even want to build one. 85 percent of my media is consumed via Plex. multiple Tv's I want to host web sites I want to self host email I want to self host a CRM i want to set up 4k surveillance cameras ( 3 here at my house with option to add more from rental properties.) I'm a photographer i also occasionally edit video self hosted drop box type service Under $1000 but will spend up to $2000 4bays (6 if the price is right with option to get expansion unit) no drives included i will eventually want to go to 10gig networking but not needed absolutely needed at time of purchase will probably never hook up a monitor or tv directly to it As far as operating systems, my personal preference is MAC for the slickness, ease of use and just works BUT i feel like im fighting with my macbook to do certain techy things vs my PC where its whatever you want. i'm attracted to synology because of the apple like software integration But if there is a third party app that does a better job and is better looking I will go with that. ( I prefer apps to scripts) I'm even open to another operating system like Linux. I want something that once setup i don't have to think to much about it again. I'd max out the ram myself would like the option of changing out the processor after the warranty runs out to give it some new life. I would even take an older model unit that I can upgrade myself & bring it current.

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 27 March 2021, 17:30
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