As a multicam video editor, which solution will best boost my DS1819+ performance? 1) M.2 SSD adapter M2D18 -OR- 2) 10Gb?

I am a multicam video editor and just recently purchased the Synology DS1819+. My plan is to create a RAID 10 with 8 6TB drives for my work files. I will be creating another RAID in a Mediasonic Pro Box for backup. My system is a PC with ASUS X99 PRO motherboard, Intel Core i7-5930K CPU @ 3.50 GHz with 64MB RAM, running Windows 10. I would like help in comparing the performance boost of the following: 1) M.2 SSD adapter M2D18 2) 10GbE add-in card 3) Aggregation Thanks for any information you can give me, or point me to articles that will address my question.

JU Justm asked on 17 April 2020, 05:30
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This is hot subject and Synology refuses to speed up with their M.2+10GbE card.

If it was not a video editing then you would benefit more from M.2 cache card improving IOPS for your web-server etc.

But with large video files involved 10GbE will be extremely helpful.

But you can use one or two 3.5inch bays for 2.5inch SSD caching. This would give you additional boost.