1st time nas user?

I am a first time NAS buyer for my home use. I am the only person who will be using the nas. I am looking mainly for storage for my music collection & photos. I am not planning on loading movies on NAS. If I do load movies it will only be for inside my home playback. Also to access my storage remotely. I also want to remove some of my files away from the laptop & onto the NAS. I will backup the NAS to an external drive also. Is there Anything else that I should know about NAS usage? I am replying back . You recommended the Synology 218 or 218 +. Here in Canada the 218 + seems to be out of stock everywhere. I was looking at the ds218 compared to QNAP ts-230. They seem to have similar specs but the QNAP is 1/3 the price here in Canada. In your opinion why is the synology the better choice? I was originally looking at both of those synologys but the saw the QNAP Thank you very much for your time

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 20 March 2021, 15:10
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Synology NAS would be an excellent choice. Any NAS will come with a Drive app that will allow you to select which files and folders exist on a NAS and which ones physically exist on a computer as well as the NAS. The beautiful thing is that you will be able to see those files and folders as they existed on your computer but actually those are just shortcuts.

With no transcoding required you could get any model you want. But value series such as DS218 would work faster and give a better user experience. Also plus series such as DS220+ would allow upgrades and have no limits on apps that you can install.

I hope this helps.