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Need a new NAS - Enquiries - 08-21-2023

I had an old Iomega NAS that was working fine, but was no longer supported so I couldn't access. It was expensive to get data. I don't want that to happen again. I am a home user, need to store photos and videos, and documents. It would be great to have photos from iOS and Android devices backed up so I don't have to move photos to computer and then network drive. I use PCs, so easy interface with Windows is a plus. Once I get this setup I would like to, down the line, get an external HD and then use that to make a 2ndary backup from the NAS. I'm not super tech savvy. I basically need to set it and forget it, AND be able to access the data long term. I can't do this Iomega thing again. If the NAS manufacturer didn't support the device anymore, I would like the ability to pop the HDD out and use an adapter and access with PC. Also does it matter WD or Seagate HDD? Thank you very much for your help!

RE: Need a new NAS - ed - 08-23-2023

Considering your requirements for a user-friendly and hassle-free NAS solution with solid data access and backup capabilities, the Synology DS224+ or DS423+ would be excellent choices. These NAS models are well-suited for home users seeking seamless storage and backup options. The DS224+ features a quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 processor with transcoding capabilities, ensuring smooth handling of your media files and documents. Its dual 1GbE LAN ports enable stable network connectivity. Additionally, the DS224+ boasts Flex Transcoding support and Active Backup for Business and VMs, making it future-proof for evolving needs. On the other hand, the DS423+ with its quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 processor offers transcoding capabilities as well, with the added advantage of four drive bays for potential storage expansion. Both models can easily accommodate your storage demands while ensuring effortless data management for years to come. It's important to note that these models can effectively back up photos from iOS and Android devices, providing a seamless solution to safeguard your precious memories. You can further explore the technical specifications and compatibility options through the official Synology website DS224+ and DS423+. As for hard drive choice, both WD and Seagate HDDs can work well with Synology NAS devices, ensuring compatibility and efficient performance. With the DS224+ or DS423+, you can indeed enjoy a reliable and user-friendly NAS setup that meets your storage, backup, and accessibility needs, all within your budget range.