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correct NAS for SD to UHD for Plex - Enquiries - 08-18-2023

Looking to weed through the noise and find the right solution for Plex Server which will contain a full spectrum of resolutions from SD to UHD HDR10+. I also have to mention I do have a rack system and am looking at those option as well to keep the hardware un-clutered.

RE: correct NAS for SD to UHD for Plex - ed - 08-23-2023

When it comes to selecting the right NAS solution for your Plex Server, accommodating a range of resolutions from SD to UHD HDR10+ while considering your rack system setup, there are a few factors to consider. For local streaming within your home environment, most NAS systems can handle the task effectively. However, if you're looking into remote streaming, especially for 4K content, transcoding capabilities become crucial. I'd suggest a Celeron-based system like the DS423+ for optimal performance in remote streaming scenarios. This NAS offers the capacity to stream 4K content remotely using native apps. In cases where 4K remote Plex streaming is a regular need, an Intel i5-powered NAS such as the TVS-674 series would be a more robust choice. This configuration ensures smooth and high-quality streaming even when dealing with UHD content.