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DS1821+ next version - Enquiries - 06-13-2023

I've subscribed and appreciated your YT channel for years. I have a DS1813+ w/ (8) 10TB drives. I plan to replace the 1813+ in the near future. I will move the 8 drives to the new unit. I was hoping there would be a DS1823+. From your Taiwan reporting, it appears that won't happen this year. I am curious if you have any insight into Synology's plans for the 8 bay plus series. Will there be a DS1823+ later this year? or a DS1824+? or is the plus series EOL? The current DS1823 XS+ is too expensive for this upgrade. Thanks very much.

RE: DS1821+ next version - ed - 06-16-2023

There is no promise. But plus series do get refreshed every 2-3 years. It will come out eventually. I would say it is going to be ds1824+.