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First Buy - Enquiries - 04-01-2023

I am looking to buy my first NAS for purposes of a home studio for audio post production workflow and was not sure what to get. I was thinking a 4 bay NAS and will be running it from my Mac Studio with a silicon chipset on Monterey. I wanted to be able to use the NAS device with a RAID configuration to ensure fast speeds as well as having backups in the event that a drive goes down or files get corrupted. Along with this, would my read and write speeds be able to keep up with the Pro Tools sessions if I ran a project directly from the NAS? Thank you so much in advance!!!

RE: First Buy - ed - 04-04-2023

I would recommend DS923+ or TS-464. Both of these models can have 10gbe upgrade. RAID5 across all hard drives will give decent speeds of around 500MB/s. If you need more speed, you can use NVMe for storage.

I hop this helps.