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Buying a Synology, newbie questions - raymate - 03-25-2023


Looking at the DS1522+ our network only has Macs and Raspberry Pi's. Have some questions if someone could advise.

  1. If the enclosure dies, can I pull all the drives and push them into another identical DS1522+? In the same order will it boot up as before with all the data intact or does it not work like that? I was thinking of buying and identical DS1522+, if that does work would it also work if I only had 4 bays used in the DS1522+ could I move the drives to say a DS923+? Would that work?
  2. Can I set up a shared folder that is size restricted and then send someone a URL to log into this folder to add or remove files? Is it then easy to just remove their access after they have finished and they can’t connect anymore? I have a few friends that may need to log in from time to time to send me files, but I don’t want to access Synology all the time. Guess it's a one-time connection to a specific folder only. In the same way can I have folders for family members that are not on my network (or country) and give them a URL for access or do they need to install some sort of Synology software for this, I would rather them have a URL so all they need is a browser.
  3. If I have two identical Synology setups that are syncing to each other, then I move one to a different physical location, i.e., another house, can I log into the now-remote Synology to administer it, or would I need to be on the same network to administer it, i.e., I would need to drive to the other house to log into it for admin purposes? Assume both need to be logged into synology account for this to work anyway. Is this the quick connect feature, anyone link to a tutorial on doing this?
  4. I'm a PLEX and iTunes user. Can it have my PLEX and iTunes libraries on the NAS and share them over the network? Is running Plex on the NAS a good idea, or should I continue to use my Mac mini as the PLEX server but reference the data on the Synology for PLEX to access? Can the NAS act like an iTunes server? My flex server is 95% for music I don't stream video from it and if I do its just DVD no 4K stuff. I have a full flex pass account.
  5. On the supported drive list I see the Seagate Ironwolf drives that I would like to use, it lists the "ST12000VN0008 - 2YS101" obviously the "ST12000VN0008" is drive model what is the "2YS101" reference, any Seagate expert can advise. When I search for ST12000VN0008 its not  showing the 2YS101 in the search results. Im not seeing the Ironwolf Pro on the list which is a little annoying as I wold probably buy the Pro's 

Many thanks

RE: Buying a Synology, newbie questions - ed - 03-27-2023

If the enclosure of your DS1522+ fails, you can move the drives to another identical DS1522+ or another Synology NAS that supports the same RAID type and number of disks. If you put the drives in the same order as they were in the original DS1522+, the new NAS should be able to recognize the drives and the RAID configuration and boot up as before with all your data intact. However, it's always a good idea to have a backup of your data in case something goes wrong during the migration.

Yes, you can create a shared folder with a size limit and give someone a URL to access it. You can also set up access permissions for the folder, so you can control who can add or remove files. When someone has finished using the folder, you can remove their access to the folder, and they will no longer be able to connect to it. You can also set up folders for family members who are not on your network and give them a URL for access. They don't need to install any Synology software; they can access the folder using a web browser.

If you have two identical Synology setups that are syncing to each other, and you move one to a different physical location, you can still administer it remotely. You can use the Synology QuickConnect feature to access the NAS remotely and perform administrative tasks. You will need to set up QuickConnect on both NAS devices, and you will need to have a Synology account to use the feature.

Yes, you can store your PLEX and iTunes libraries on the NAS and share them over the network. You can run the PLEX server on the NAS, but it's recommended to use a dedicated machine for transcoding, especially if you plan to stream high-resolution videos. The NAS can act as an iTunes server, and you can access your iTunes library from any device on your network.

The "2YS101" is most likely a batch or manufacturing code for the Seagate Ironwolf drives. It's not important for compatibility with the Synology NAS, so you can safely ignore it. The Seagate Ironwolf Pro drives should also work with the DS1522+ as long as they meet the size and type requirements.